A Penny for your Thoughts?

I sat there on my lawn, in my nice petticoat, looking up at the sky wondering what has happened in the past few days; I had been in immense turmoil over the death of my parents and the need to have a husband. My bestest friend even told me I need to settle down, but I don’t think that is my best option now; I just want to roll over and die with my parents. “A penny for your thoughts, Miss?” I heard a voice coming from the hedge behind me. “I couldn’t help but over hear your sighs. May I ask what is the matter?” The voice asked me. Nodding in reply, the voice came from behind the hedge and sat next to me in a lawn chair. “I do apologize for me spying, but you seemed distress, and I wished to see what that was about.” He said. I tried to smile, but only tears formed in my eyes, it was too much for me anymore; this strange man was so kind to offer his company to me. “Shh…no need to cry, Miss. My name is Will.” He said with a grin. “The name is Elizabeth, pleasure to meet you, sir.” I said with a wipe of my face. “The pleasure is all mine. Now, why are you in distress? Perhaps it is the weather or this war going on that bothers you?” Will remarked.

I shook my head, “No it is none of those things, sir. I am alone. My bestest friend has settled down, and now she wants me to do the same so my thoughts of my parents would leave me. But I can’t just let go of them, their precious to me…and to my estate.” I stated with tears down my face again. Will frowned, he had no idea that a fine young lady, such as myself, would have to go through so much. “Maybe I can help you to leave those thoughts behind you. Your friend said you needed to settle down, and then suddenly an aimible young man comes to help you.” Will stated. I smiled. But what if he isn’t what I always wanted? Or what if he will stab me in the back like some men do? I must figure this on my own. “Will, what are your hobbies? Things you enjoy to do?” I asked him. He smiled big and replied, “Writing and reading the Lord’s book. And what about you, Miss?” When he asked me I couldn’t help but scream is out, because I too love to write and read; Will seemed like a decent man for writing and reading…glad he came along. “I write as well, and read. Reading is how I get my thoughts and intellect from, but writing is how I get my words together” I said with a grin. I look up at the sky again, thinking, wondering again and again; Will here, is such a mystery to show up here. “What do you know about love, Miss Elizabeth?” Will asked me. I blushed, I didn’t know how to answer him…plus its such an odd question to ask a lady in waiting, like myself. “I define it like this: A man and woman, who have either been seeing each other or professed their love to one another, sit down and talk over things; suddenly the man proposes and they two tell their families.” I stated. “I see… So will you have me…if you want?” He muttered softly. “If only you’ll always say: “A penny for your thoughts.” I smiled. Will came closer to me, and smiled big, “Always…” Thus he kissed me on the forehead.

So this is my new blog. I decided I should make a new one; blogger was getting old for me, so I am using WordPress. Hoping this one will be a lot better than my last one 🙂


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