“My little champion…”

Feelings for him grew, and grew, and grew, but I knew I couldn’t love him. Miss Audrey herself told me that my feelings for him would pass, but I could stand there and listen to a false statement such as that! I told myself over and over that I am without nothing to provide for Mr. Moray, because I have no money and he has The Paradise to look after. Plus he is tangled with Miss Glendening and her father, and by the way she looks at him, I can see that Moray is her prize. But I don’t want a prize, I don’t want money, I just want to be loved back by John… Even his name burns into my heart like an amber in a fire place, I can’t withhold this secret any longer! I haven’t told Sam or Pauline yet, but if I told them they’d talk and I don’t need that roaming around The Paradise floors. Clara suspects something, but sooner or later she is going to find out what is going on between John and I…sooner than she thinks.

“Denise, we are all needed on the Paradise floor, please.” Miss Audrey said with authority. I nodded and followed the other girls out of the ladies wear department, and down to the area where they keep the haberdashery and the perfume. There stood him…stood John. He stood with a swank in his step and a broadness in his chest, like a puffed up robin in winter. “Everyone I have an announcement to make! Mr. Moray is to be married to Miss Katherine Glendening soon!” Mr. Dudley shouted. When that was announced my heart sank and tore into pieces…and Moray saw my sadness on my face…he could tell I was not happy with his decision. After that, I ran off with tears in my eyes, it couldn’t happen…that wedding, I just can’t deal with it. “Aren’t you happy for him, Denise? I know I am!” Pauline exclaimed. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t face my best friend and tell her that I was in love with the owner of the store, it would sound ridiculous to her and anyone else. “Um…yes…I believe so…” I mumbled.

I couldn’t live like this…I need to know if he feels the same way for me, or if my feelings are fake. I’ll have to find out soon…


Quote is from The Paradise. Mr. Moray is the owner of the Paradise and he fell in love with a shop girl named Denise.


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