“On your left!”

*Spoilers!!!!* *If you haven’t seen this movie, don’t read this*

Washington D.C is a pretty big place to get lost in or find the right people to get your back, but I wasn’t expecting to find out that, unlike New York, D.C. was also being overlooked by S.H.I.E.L.D and Nick Fury. So that meant no down time and no going out for coffee with my friends, all it was is just work and saving the world one day at a time; if only i can just meet someone over again like Peggy, then I might be able to settle down, but no one can replace my girl…no one.

It was really early in the morning, that I decided to go for a run around the great monuments in D.C., I didn’t realize that I would be meeting my new best friend Sam there who was also running as well. I would run, then when I came up to him I would say, “On your left” many, many times just to irritate him, since he was slower than me. But I am a super solider, meaning I am better equipped than average men here, plus the oldest as well, so says Natasha and Stark. “You did some fine running back there” I said to Sam. He looked up at me in awe, like he has never met Captain America/Steve Rogers before, but he played it cool and introduced himself like any other person here. “Psshh! You my friend ran like three miles in thirty seconds! I can never beat that!” Sam caught his breathe, “Samuel Wilson, but you can call me Sam.” I shook his hand sternly and noticed he served in the war; Sam had a sturdy grip when he shook my hand, that’s how I noticed he served in the war. “Hey, when your not busy maybe we can run again…” Sam insisted. A beep came from my phone or whatever this thing is that Natasha gave me; I had to go, and I believe Nick Fury needs me for a mission. “Yeah I’ll remember that! Well I gotta go, it was nice running with you, Sam” I said with the shake of his hand. “You too, sir” He replied.

A black corvette pulled up, the widows rolled down, and it was Natasha. “Anyone know where the Smithsonian is? I’m looking for an old relic” Natasha joked. I rolled my eyes, and got in the car, “Very funny…” She likes to tug on my horn with the whole, ninety-five years old and still no date thing; I honestly don’t care about that right now, just saving the world and keeping it free. “I’ll see ya around” Nat said to Sam. And off the two of us went, to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters for this mission of Fury’s, but I didn’t know that this mission was going to ruin the own workplace…forever.


Quote is from Captain America: Winter Solider. Steve was running around the monuments, when he came up to Sam saying this many times.


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