“Son…just don’t.”


Here is a story I am working on. The two brothers are going through tough times and they need some guidance… Hope you like it!!

Mondays. A day I regret waking up to and even stepping foot outside my house, but every person must leave to do something useful, right? “Are you awake?!” Peter yelled banging on my door. Ruffling in me comforters, I arose from my bed and looked around my bedroom; you could see my clothes strung everywhere and shoes too. “Yeah…” I moaned. “Well get ready…it’s time” Peter said softly. Time? Time for what exactly…oh wait I remember now. It was the anniversary of my parents dying, and every year my brother and I visit the cemetery to pay our condolences with flowers. So I put on my dark green shirt and my skinny with my new converse that I bought, and then left my bedroom with my leather jacket in hand. “Good, I thought you’d never get up Dean. Come on, we need to pick up Veronica too” Peter stated. Ugh, Veronica. I hated her, she sounded so needy with my brother, and so up tight about everything Peter does; I have been praying he ditches her sooner or later. “Fine, whatever” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t sass me Dean, you and I know that without Veronica we couldn’t pay for our house and for our parents burial, so shut it!” Peter raised his voice. Who cares if she part took in the family burial? I sure don’t nor do I care if she is paying for the house my brother and I are living in, it’s all kind of quirky to me. “Sorry…geez” I throw my hands up. “Now lets go, can’t be late ya know” Peter said leaving the house. I followed behind and get into I’s and my brother’s nice black Camaro that dad got us before he died; it’s our transportation until we can get a different car. “Can I drive?” I asked. Peter raised an eye brow at me, and then he laughed. “How old are you? Nineteen, so no you can’t” Peter snarked. “Dude, I am not nineteen, I am twenty-one! Quit treating me like I’m a kid again!” I yelled. I pushed him and entered the driver’s seat, started the car and slammed the door shut in anger; he always treated me like I was a kid, and I hated that! He needs to know that I am a adult and I can make adult decisions, better than my brother can or anyone else can…gosh I wish my parents saw how crappy we were acting. “Hey…I am sorry Dean, I keep forgetting that you’re old enough to do whatever you like. So again sorry about that” Peter apologized and got into the car.

I pulled out of the drive way, while my brother cracked up the radio to the 80s station; Richard was obsessed about that station because our father loved the 80s music, while I just deal with it on our way to and from the house. “Oh I love this song! It’s the one dad taught you to play on the guitar, remember Dean?” Peter exclaimed. Ah yes, Journey. The only 80s rock band I actually like. For once in my life I found something that I was good at, and that was playing the guitar and also singing. “Yeah I remember…” I said focusing on the road than the music. We end up pulling into Veronica’s drive way, and there she stood, on her porch dressed in the creepiest way possible; Peter didn’t notice, but I sure did. “I appreciate you picking me up boys” Veronica thanked us. I rolled my eyes; can it get any more fake than that? “Yeah, yeah just get in the back will ya!” I raised my voice at her. Veronica pouted and ended up squeezing in between my brother and I; she then turned the channel on the radio to the country station, I about lost it. Us guys my be living in the middle of country and city, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to country music, I don’t practically like country music it reminds me too much of my mom…she loved country music a lot. “Can I change it please? I am not a huge fan of Luke Bryan and Trace Adkins, so to save our poor ears, I am changing the station” I said with the flip of the knob. After the battle of the radio, the three of us arrived to the cemetery finally; it seemed the same old place where my brother and I stood watching my parents being lowered into the ground. The trees swayed in the wind as the three of us walked up to my parents grave sights, I stood over my mothers grave with her favorite flowers, carnations and daisies. Peter kneel by our father’s grave stone and started to weep, it had only been three years since they died, but for us boys it felt like forever since they left us on this wretched earth. “She always smiled…ya know…all the time” I said drooping my head. “Yes she did, it was because of dad…” Peter sighed.


Quote is from Captain America: The First Avenger. I have a obsession with Rogers okay…


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