“You have bewitched me, body and soul…”

Pride and Prejudice


Kent is such a lovely place, full of beautiful landscapes and farm houses spaced apart by the most reluctant trees; it has it moments where the sun hits them in a certain angle and the rays bounce in every which way. It was a Sunday morning, and the family was getting ready for chapel. Mr. Dove, a preacher at the chapel, got his bible together while his wife Mrs. Dove, gathered her children to leave; they had four and one on the way. Miss Dove, who is the eldest of the four, made her way outside and down the path way to chapel, she was thinking up new scenes to write in her novel she is writing; it was obvious she wanted to be a writer. In the time of great poverty most woman of the age of marriage, must choose a man with wealth, but for Miss Dove, she didn’t find ‘choosing’ a man a priority, she found it better to ‘choose’ one who is fit and worthy enough for her and her God. “Beth, do wait up for the rest of the family! We don’t wish to be late for chapel now would we, since your father is the preacher after all” Mrs. Dove called out. Miss Dove stopped in the middle of the pathway, just when her best friend appeared with her family; it was Ruth Harris or Miss Harris is what her mother calls her when she is distraught at her. “My goodness Beth, for the past few days every man here in Kent wishes your hand. How come you’ve not accepted any of their requests?” Ruth asked as the two ladies walked together. Beth smiled. She couldn’t help, that her best friend would think she, of all other women in Kent, would accept a marriage proposal. “You must be mistaken, dear Ruth, for I have never accepted a proposal like that since I was of age. For I will never do such a thing unless that man is equal in mind, religion and kindness as myself” Beth stated boldly. Her friend smiled, and then laughed; only Beth Dove was a downer on men and their statutes. “Perhaps to get rid of your bad taste in men, maybe you should attend a ball with me?” Ruth offered kindly, as they approached the chapel. “I’d be delighted to join you, but you don’t have a dancing bone in you. Why offer to attend if you don’t dance?” Beth asked in a suspicious way. Ruth smiled, and then replied, “You’ll soon see for yourself, Beth.” The two girls laughed and walked along the pathway, till they reached the chapel just in time for church, and for Mr. Dove’s sermon; Beth and Ruth walked into the small wooden building and sat themselves next to each other in the pew. In front of the ladies sat the Cox’s, they were close friends with the Dove’s but not as close as the Harris’; in the Cox’s reside Mr. and Mrs. Cox and their children, Arthur, Penny and Richard. Next to them sat the Ferguson’s, an older couple, like grandparents to the Dove’s, and lastly the most disliked family in Kent, the William’s.

After chapel, Ruth and Beth decided to take a lovely walk to get some fresh air, and in the midst of their walk, they had a man follow them into the woods; it was Arthur Cox, the eldest in the Cox family and had fancied Beth for a long time. “Miss Dove a word, please?” Arthur called out. Beth and Ruth ignored Arthur, thus they continue to walk; Arthur was persistent and interrupted the ladies walk for one simple thing: marriage. “Miss Dove…please a word?!” Arthur called out once again. “What is it Arthur?” Beth spat at him. Arthur Cox was a kind gentleman of twenty-four, his hair was bright orange and stood taller than a small tree in the forest; it was custom for most men in England to know chivalry, but Arthur didn’t know much of it. “I wish to ask you a special and personal question on your behalf” Arthur knelt down as he took off his hat. As soon as Beth saw him kneel, she turned on her heels, and left him there in front of Ruth; Beth knew what he was going to ask and hat situation was awkward enough for her anyways.


Quote is from the movie Pride & Prejudice.


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