“John I was right about what I said. I don’t have any friends, I just have one.”


I thought you had my back, I thought we’d be best friends forever, then you stab me in the back and lie to me. I thought you’d be there for me when I’m down, I thought you and would stick together like glue, but you found someone to replace me and ruined my life. I thought we were like Sherlock and John, friend till death, but you pushed me off the building instead of Moriarty. We’d send spams, and talk about our fandoms, but was all that just a lie to you? We’d have a Sherlock marathon and cosplay as them, but was that not real to you? We did sleepovers and watch our favorite movies and cry when Kirk died, but was that even a day to you?

We were sisters! We were loyal till the end, but you found someone better someone who wouldn’t get in your face, someone who wouldn’t care where you are in Christ. So now you have only one friend who can be your sociopath, your best friend, the one who will cosplay with you, watch Sherlock marathons with you, and cry on your shoulder. And I’ll be the one graduating without trusty friends in the crowd to wish we congratulations, and well done. I’ll be the one with hurt stuck in my heart and rejection in my head, because of you. I hope your happy with what you did, because I trusted you!! I thought we’d be there for each other instead you make others go against one another…

God made this happen, so I hope your happy, because I am not!


Quote is from Sherlock: Season 2, Episode 2. Sherlock says he has no friends whatsoever, that how I feel now.


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