“Your my mission!!”


“We’re awesome like, Loki and Thor!” I said to my friend Becca today. I love referring my friends to Avengers, it’s so fun and their reaction is the best! But it’s not what makes their reaction the best, it’s the bond you share with that person, it’s their caring, their willing to tell you the truth to your face. “Or like Captain America and Bucky” I mentioned. Friendship. Something we cherish everyday of our lives, something that I want to cherish, even if it means ending a friendship. Trust. A thing I need from people that are will to be my friend, and I finally found someone who does that, someone who won’t care what I say even if it’s mean. Someone who can understand where I am in my walk with Christ, someone who knows that I don’t socialize well.

“Or like Bruce and Stark” I mentioned again. Goofiness. Being a weirdo together is fun, being inventive is imagination when you have a friend who can do it with you. Someone who loves unicorns, but never judges you for you like because you too are a weirdo as well. Someone who likes the similar things you like, but tells you out straight what’s stupid and what’s not. “Or…Natasha and Clint?” I mentioned last. Mysterious. A day of grey is fun to do with a friend; whether your playing a video game or watching a Disney movie, you’ll have some one there by your side. Someone who can tell you that rain is a lovely thing, someone who can show you the beauties of what the rain can do. “But I still like Loki and Thor” Becca said. Sisters. Two girls who are close, but never related. They can be related through Christ or through blood, it doesn’t matter you’ll still have each other by your side no matter what.

I’m getting better at finding those who I thought weren’t there for me, but in reality they were always there, I just never noticed it. God replaced someone in my life as a friend and I am sure glad I realized that she was my true friend to me. Just like Bucky and Steve. It only takes a radical thing to make a difference in someone’s life…


Quote is from Captain America 2.


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