Missing the Past (Dedicated to My Friends)


You know those things that you end up forgetting, those things that stay in the back of your mind, that is the past. We all have some sort of thing that we miss from our past, whether it’s friends you loved, family time or even special events that came and gone. Whatever it is, you end up storing it in the way back of your mind, so one day on a rainy day like today, you can bring those memories back to light. For someone like myself, I can’t let for of past memories, especially ones of my friends. I do miss them and wish there were my friends again… It’s hard for me to forget those times, those times we cosplayed, those times we watched Sherlock and Hetalia, those times we watched the ball drop. Memories like that will always remain inside my head and heart no matter what.

I realize now that we all make mistakes, and perhaps one day my friends and I will heal and get back together. But for now I think it be deemed wise not to see each other for a while until we get right with our Lord and with others as well. I will miss them, and I bet somewhere deep inside they miss me too. I’ll continue to pray for you guys and your families and hope for a day to see you all once more. My Aunt taught me that it was best to lay low and just love people like Christ does, and so I shall do my very best to do that everyday. This rainy day made me think of my ‘old’ friends today and I felt like writing a post because of how much I miss their faces.

Live long and prosper my good friends and geronimo! This life has more to offer than just Pinterest and Facebook, why not live a little and see what God has to offer you. Until next time, farewell.


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