“Carry on My Wayward Son…”

 I have been working on a small story about two brothers lately. It’s not a fanfiction, it’s my own story with my own characters. Their names may sound familiar but they have no relation to anyone in a fandom. Hope you guys like it 🙂


A few days had passed, and Peter and I ended up moving out of our home, and into a small itsy bitsy apartment; I was still ticked off at Veronica doing this to us. “You ready, bro?” Peter patted me on the shoulder. I sighed. I didn’t want to leave my home, the home I was raised in had too many memories of mom and dad; it was like leaving them behind. “No, but we have to so were not living on the street.” I said. Peter nodded and opened the door to our new apartment; we both looked around and were satisfied with the size, even though the land lord said it was small. “Seems decent enough for us, what do you think of it?” Peter turned to me. Before I could answer, I could hear yelling coming down the hall, so I opened the door to see who the person was and it was Hazel! The guy I saw pulling up to the cemetery when she and I were talking was yelling at her, and following her down to her apartment. I didn’t know what to do at that time, so I stuck out my leg and ended up making the guy fall on his face. “Oi, what you do that for?” he said is some Scottish accent. “Leave Hazel alone!” I raised my voice at him. Hazel saw me encounter the guy; she stepped in and assisted me. Hazel looked really pretty today with her hair straightened, and covering her face and freckles. Everything a guy like me ever wanted… “Dean, that’s my step-brother, Kyle.” Hazel stated. I looked down at Kyle, and glared at him; Kyle had the same build as me, but more tan, he had a v-cut shirt on and ripped jeans. “My apologies, Hazel, I thought he was bullying you.” I said as I entered the apartment. Peter heard me close the door and wondered what the problem was in the hallway. “What in the world was that about?” Peter asked me. “That was Hazel, the girl I met at the cemetery. He step-brother Kyle was being a jerk to her for no reason.” I replied. Peter nodded, and went back to unpacking his things, while I left my things in the middle of the floor and went to find Hazel again.


Why did he had to do that, it the most embarrassing things a guy has done to me, especially in front of my step-brother; Dean seriously needs to learn boundaries, or MY boundaries. He doesn’t know what my problem is, he hasn’t met my family, he hasn’t BEEN in my situation before; his help is out of the question for me. I stooped over the balcony of the gazebo in the cemetery; I could hear the wind whistling, birds chirping and…footsteps. Listening very carefully to the steps I tried to figure out who it was, they seemed familiar…Dean. “I came to apologize” He said. I frowned, I don’t need his help…I really don’t need anyone’s help; I have God to keep me away from this crap, and that’s why I come here to be with Him. “Your apology is accepted. Now leave…” I grumbled. “Look, I may not know where you’re at, but I probably been there. I lost both of my parents, and my house, and my money. I don’t know where else to turn, besides this beautiful girl I met in the cemetery” Dean smiled the best he could. “Don’t do that, please. I am not ready for a relationship…” I said as he walked closer towards me. “You sure…” he whispered to me. I leaned away from him, and then walked back to the edge of the gazebo; I had no intention to get back into a relationship, not after my last one I had, so I am going to wait. “Yes I am perfectly sure!” I stated. Dean stood there baffled with my response, he normally doesn’t take no for an answer, but considering where I am he probably wouldn’t want me as a girlfriend or a friend for that matter. “You seem tense…what’s the deal?” he asked me. “Besides you being all flirty with me, my family is a huge wreck and my brother…step-brother is a jerk.” I mumbled. He nodded. It’s not like every girl he met there was something physiologically wrong with them or physically. “Hey look I am sorry for being that way; I am trying to get over betrayal, so just bare with me. Perhaps you and I can work out our struggles together or maybe I can learn from you” Dean smiled. “Dean…” I breathed, “I’ll be happy to help you, but your help isn’t needed for I have someone more powerful to help me in my struggles, so you say. And that is my God, He is bigger than anything I have dealt with and that’s what keeps me going everyday.” I explained. Dean stared at me for a while wondering what I just said, then he came back; I prepared myself for what he was about to say and stood my ground. “I…I am willing to walk with you down any road, Hazel Grace. Just now that it will be a weary one for both of us” Dean said with a faint grin.

After our talk, Dean and I walked together back to his car; we drove back to the apartment complex and the two of us chatted and got to know each a little better than just see one another at the cemetery. “So what’s favorite color?” Dean asked me. I had to think for a moment, since I changed it a lot, but the one color I simply love is a light pink with a hint of purple in it. Not sure how to tell him that, but I am sure he’ll Google it just to find out what it is actually call. “It’s actually a mixture of two different colors. A light pink with a hint of purple” I answered with a smile on my face. “Ah you like the color Lavender” Dean chuckled. “Yeah is there something wrong with a grown woman liking that color, Dean?” I asked. Dean shook his head no; he just thought that I would like darker colors since I wear darker clothing. When reaching my apartment, I could hear my father yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs; fear struck me as I grabbed the door knob, it was a horror walking in there everyday of my life after my step-mother left us. “Dean, take my hand please, and walk with me into my apartment.” I asked. Dean looked up at me and nodded, he was ready to enter and so was I…or so I thought anyways. The knob creaked and I swung the door open to the living room, and there was my father. He was drunk again, that’s why he was screaming and yelling, and Kyle was no where to be found. “Where have you’ve been!?” My father yelled. I didn’t answer him, so I kept walking, till my father saw Dean holding my hand. “Is this the boy Kyle told me about!?” he yelled again. Dean stood up to my father and answered him, “Yes sir I am he, and I will protect your daughter with all I have in me.” My father stared at him for a minute; it was a long minute till he finally said something back to him, “Fine, just don’t do anything…suspicious.” Dean shook his head, and I walked into my room; Dean had left by then and I moped in my room away from my father’s drinking and yelling. Kyle was still no where to be found still. Good. I don’t want him around me, now that Dean and I are now good friends.


Night came, Peter and I were preparing ourselves for an interview for jobs in the morning and our first time sleeping in the apartment; I couldn’t stop thinking about Hazel, that poor girl has gone through so much she thinks she’s living through her own type of hell. I hope that whatever I can do, will help her ease her and calm her down to see what life has to offer. “So how was your day?” Peter asked me as he sat down for dinner. I took my seat at the dinner table and sipped on some tea I made, and then I answered my brother’s question. “Oh ya know here and there kind of stuff. Then hung out with Hazel for the afternoon” I replied. Peter spit out his beer all over my face, then raised an eye brow, “You did what now?” he exclaimed. Is it that hard for me to find a girl to hang out with? “Yes wisenheimer I hung out with a girl, go figure” I sassed him. “Wow, um I never knew you could find someone so quickly. Is she a nice girl?” Peter asked me again. I didn’t answer, I just stuffed my face with food and sipped my tea; it seemed quiet with just my brother and me, no one to tell us to pick our clothes up or put our things away. “I miss them…” I whispered to myself. Peter could here me, he answered me with his hand on my arm, “Yeah…me too bro, me too…” After dinner the two of us took showers, and got ready for bed; I sat in my bed thinking about how Hazel was doing, hoping her step-brother wasn’t bothering her or worse her father beating her since he has been drinking lately. “I’m will always be here for you Hazel Grace, don’t you worry…” I whispered to myself, and then I fell fast asleep.



Quote is from the song, by Kansas.


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