“When do we start?” “We just did…” (Being Blessed)


This past week and this week has been full of fun and goofiness. My best friend Becca and I are so funny together, plus she gets me ya know? Her family is like family to me, and I have been hanging out with them for the past few months. Also with my brother’s friends, Josh B and Caleb too. These people are truly my friends, I didn’t notice it at first but now I do and I’m certainly blessed to have them.

>>>>Seeing Becca twice in one week<<<<

>>>>Going to Kings Island with Becca<<<<

>>>>Having a Frappe with Becca<<<<

>>>>Talking about Benedict and Tom with Becca<<<<

>>>>Being goofy with my friends<<<<

>>>>Naming Next Gen characters with Caleb<<<<

>>>>Listening to Colton Dixon and Anthem Lights<<<<




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