Letting it Go

We’ve all heard the song, Let it Go and we’ve all watched the movie like a million times, but it’s not the movie or the song I’m talking about, it’s the name of it. Let it Go. Some people have trouble letting things go, whether it’s the past or words people have said, they just bundle it up inside and have it settle in. As much as we enjoy the past and the things in it, we need to let that go and move on in life. For me I’m trying my best to let go of my friends…the only people I trusted with things, and you know what? It hurts! Because they were my friends and I thought they be by my side forever, but ya know you can’t always keep those close to you close. So there’s an example of trying to let go, someone like myself having trouble with letting go of people in my life. You need to learn that letting go can be a relief but also burden to your walk, because you dwell so much in what happened to the person, relative or friend that you forget where you are and who is in control of that situation at hand. God will and always has been in control, we just need to remember that He is there and that He is sovereign all the time.

Death, loosing a friend and moving away are all signs of things that can and cannot be let go. Loosing your pet that you had for 13 years is okay, but you need to realize there not heavenly creatures. Seeing someone you loved die is something that cannot be let go of, whether it’s family or even a friend, you can’t let go of that. The Doctor has witness planets die, companions leaving him and even them dying before his eyes. Even he, who is a Time Lord cannot not learn to let go of his past. We are not like The Doctor, we can let go of past things and give them to God for Him to take care of. It gives us a better outlook on our life than just sulking around our home trying to figure out how you can get back at that person who betrayed you. Many people deal with depression because they don’t let go, or they deal with loneliness (I feel like this right now), but you should know that whatever you need to let go doesn’t exist anymore, ITS IN THE PAST. God tells us that dwell in the past isn’t good for us, and that we can easily slip back into our original sin, we wouldn’t want that now do we?! I know some of you are probably tired of my rants, my complaining about other people and my anger with my friends, but that’s just me learning to let go of my past actions. My negativity has caused other to be lured away from me, and others to hate me, but I won’t let their hatred be my down fall because they can’t learn to let go of their own actions towards either me or somebody else they know.


I really hope my words of wisdom help you, but not just my words but God’s Word as well. Because He can help you let go and move on in life, and take you down the right path of righteousness. Just be patient and He’ll tell you when it’s time to let it go. Just like in the song…Let it Go. If Elsa can learn to let it go so can all of us, even if it’s fictional or not 😉


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