“I can’t see! What’s going on out there?!” “Shall I describe it to you, or should I get you a box?”


Blocked. Something that happens when you can’t seem to go anywhere or do anything. A thing that gets in your way of doing something you love most of all. Sometimes it can even be someone blocking you from that thing you want to do. Or perhaps it’s just you and what your doing. Whatever it is your being blocked. Have you ever been blocked before? Was it in life or on the internet? Well I sure have in both parties, I got blocked on the internet and I got blocked in life. Satan sure loves to throw boulders in your way so you can’t reach your destination in life, and that’s what I’m getting at here. We get blocked by Satan, so we can do his bidding than following what God says. Gandalf and the fellowship were blocked by the Balrog, but that didn’t stop them on their journey to Mordor! They still took the Hobbits to where that needed to go. We can’t let Balrogs stand in our way of accomplishing the task we need to do in this life, because we we’re put here as God’s children for a good purpose!

I have Balrogs in my life, but they shall not pass! They can block me and they can ignore me, but I’m not going to stand here and let them pass before me and ruin my life one day after another. Frodo made it to Mordor, and Aragorn made it to Rohan without someone blocking them. So that means you can do what they did too! I don’t think taking The One Ring to Mordor is a good accomplishment, but still you can find something similar to that and face the blockades at hand. We need to understand that the blockades are just temporary and they won’t always stay in our way. Sooner or later their gonna move on and forget everything that happened, then your blockade is gone! Blocked. It’s either there temporarily or we make it worse than it can possibly get. God helps up with our blockades, and He can wipe what keeps us blocked clean. We just need to accept what’s being blocked isn’t a big deal and move on; I’m trying to do that one day at a time.

My blockades are people. For some it can be images, objects or events in life that stay with them forever. That’s not what we need to be doing, it just makes it more possible to move down the path God calls us to go down. I don’t want to be pushing a blockade around for the rest of my life, nor do I want the people who have blocked me ruin it. So, I move on, or at least I try to. It’s better for me and better for them if they can forget about me and others as well. I’m getting better at it, but still sometimes my blockades get in my way, but I let God take care of them, maybe you should too.


Quote is from Two Towers. Gimli can’t see over the Rohan wall, so Legolas asks if he wants him to describe what’s going on or get him a box to stand on.


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