“I call it OPERATION: Cobra.”

You know those people you meet, and you realize there just as weird as you. Those are called friends. People you’ll spend your entire life with, and people that’ll probably come and go in life. The important thing is this: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Knowing that there are going to be people who strike against you, and you don know it yet, is a scary thing. Unless it was you and your kicking yourself for it. See the thing here is, if you know your enemies before they strike then this friendship that you have won’t end in fire and brimstone. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I have been hurt by people who were my friends, and they hurt my family and me. I just want to warn you guys, that there are people who want to be friends with you then turn around and throw you and your family name off a large cliff.

Don’t let people think your rude for not accepting your request as a friend, you just need to be careful. Example, for a long time I didn’t want to be friends with a girl in a homeschool co-op, because she was best friends with a girl I disliked so much. But then I realized that it wasn’t the girl it was the girl I disliked, not the girl in general. You see what I’m getting at? Knowing your enemies before they strike is a safety procedure, ’cause then you’ll know when they’ll turn on you and use lies against you. Trust me, the reason why I don’t make friends well is because of the things I’ve gone through with others in my past. But guess what, I made awesome friends at fair this year, and I would never thought I’d actually make friends that easily.

It may be easy to make friends, but it’s also easy to make enemies. That’s why Captain America says: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It may sound like a cat poster, but believe me it’s true. The Lord gives and He takes away, meaning that sometimes there are people that are just not meant to be your friends. So that’s when you thank God for warning you about those people and their ways. There are lots of people I am glad I am not friends with anymore, and I’m thanking God that he has saved me from those people.

I hope this makes sense because sometimes what I say face to face has no relevance, but through my word of a paper, things come to light.


Quote is from Once Upon a Time. Yes I have finally started watching this show, and from the looks of it, it’s pretty neat show.


“This is bad! Odin’s beard bad!”

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and makes things happen without us noticing. For the past few days, I have been talking to my friend who I recently got reunited with. I was very happy to talk to her again and getting to know her again; it was a better experience when I first met her. I’m thanking my Lord for this, because without Him, my attitude towards my friend would still be the way it was. We are starting over, and seeing how this goes. I hope I don’t screw up and relay the past, but one could hope right?

My week is crazy!! I have fair all this week and my cat gave birth to six kittens when I got home from the fair. Sleepless nights…yay! But anyways, I wanted to tell you the blessing in my week, seeing how you guys enjoy them so much ^_^

>>>>>hanging out with Livy
>>>>>meeting new people
>>>>>getting to be superintendent of a barn
>>>>>4-H Dance 🙂
>>>>>meeting someone who likes steampunk
>>>>>hanging out with Lizzy
>>>>>nerdy people
>>>>>my writing and coffee
>>>>>also my Lord and Savior

All this keeps me going during the week and throughout my life. Fair is going to be crazy, but without my family and my Lord, I would be going insane.

See ya guys later!!

Quote is from Avengers Assemble. The Avengers encountered the Destroyer at Dr. Doom’s castle and Cap says this to the team. This is why I love him ^_^


“The world is not a wish granting factory.”

Friends forever

Have you ever wished to turn the tides of time? Go back and undo every mistake you made with everybody? Mend the ways with old friends, and be friends again? I know I have. They say the eyes are the window of the beholder, meaning everything you do, you capture with your eyes. Mistakes, birth, death, beauty and darkness. Everything. Those mistakes you made in the past, will always be with you. Those errors you made with some friends, will always haunt you. Those people you see die, will be in your memories forever. No matter what you do, you capture everything with your eyes, your ears and your mouth. James 3 teaches that the tongue is like fire, and what say can hurt people and their character.

And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life, and set on fire by hell. James 3:6

So the things we say can harm others, and ruin friendships too. Something that can make us want to turn back the tides of time and undo; I am trying to deal with this. Now our ears can ruin people too. Why, well James teaches in James 1, that we are suppose to be doers not hearers of the word. Because if we only hear then we end up deceiving ourselves and others around us. Yet another thing we would want to turn the tides of time to undo. Lastly our eyes, and what we see. I know our eyes can behold many things, but what we need to refrain from is the worldly things people and others put in front of us. It maybe homosexual legalization, drug legalization, new clothes, new toys, a boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever! We look at those things and think its better than buttered popcorn, but what we don’t see is that God is left out of the picture. Only God, our Lord is the reason why we stay clear from those things, the reason why we can forget what we want to undo and move on.

A window to the past

God is our window to a world of glory and righteousness, and without Him we wallow in the things we want to undo, change or fix, so we don’t have to deal with the weight of our mistakes or sin. That window is there for a reason, it’s your choice to whether or not you wish to open it and let Him in. If He chose you to follow Him, then reach out from across the stormy sea and grab his hand, He’ll lead you to the beauty of Him and help you escape your undoings and sins you want to fix. I want to fix a friendship I ruined, but seeing that the other person doesn’t want to fix it, then I am stuck in a bind and need to move on. I hope that I can learn from my mistakes and have my Lord fix it up for me one day at a time. *sighs* The Lord is good no matter what, don’t forget that…

Quote is from The Fault in Our Stars. A book I would recommend anyone to read. I love this book, and I’m not a sucker for romance stuff, but the love and the strength in the book is so amazing, no wonder you have to cry.