“This is bad! Odin’s beard bad!”

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and makes things happen without us noticing. For the past few days, I have been talking to my friend who I recently got reunited with. I was very happy to talk to her again and getting to know her again; it was a better experience when I first met her. I’m thanking my Lord for this, because without Him, my attitude towards my friend would still be the way it was. We are starting over, and seeing how this goes. I hope I don’t screw up and relay the past, but one could hope right?

My week is crazy!! I have fair all this week and my cat gave birth to six kittens when I got home from the fair. Sleepless nights…yay! But anyways, I wanted to tell you the blessing in my week, seeing how you guys enjoy them so much ^_^

>>>>>hanging out with Livy
>>>>>meeting new people
>>>>>getting to be superintendent of a barn
>>>>>4-H Dance 🙂
>>>>>meeting someone who likes steampunk
>>>>>hanging out with Lizzy
>>>>>nerdy people
>>>>>my writing and coffee
>>>>>also my Lord and Savior

All this keeps me going during the week and throughout my life. Fair is going to be crazy, but without my family and my Lord, I would be going insane.

See ya guys later!!

Quote is from Avengers Assemble. The Avengers encountered the Destroyer at Dr. Doom’s castle and Cap says this to the team. This is why I love him ^_^



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