Impossible Steam

Synopsis: Prime Minister Fabian Law started a war with three countries, America, Germany and France. Since it was the beginning of the industrial revolution, many people were making their own machines and powering them with whale oil and coal from Canada. But things got out of hand, and the Prime Minister decided not to distribute the whale oil and coal for the other countries thus is why he started the war. Many people in London have been in poverty or threatened by Prime Minister Law’s new robot busters to give up their power sources and machines that they built.

In the midst of his power there is a young girl named Eva Clarice Durham, getting ready to visit her brother Adam at the army warehouse. There she meets the Captain and her new friend Will, but something is amiss. A large missile happens to blow up the warehouse after the soldiers returned back from patrol, thus killing most of the captain’s men and comrades. That was seven years ago, and now Eva has taken the obligation to end this war herself! She and her brother, who had been “dead” for seven years team up with Will and new friends along the way to end this Steam War. They need all the help they can to stop Prime Minister Law from ruining what they call: Home.

Looking out

During the middle of the Steam War, Eva decided to visit her brother, but not realizing the risks was the huge mistake on her part. It was early in the morning the day before Eva’s thirteenth birthday; she was outside reading her favorite book by Charles Dickens: Tale of Two Cities. While Eva read her book she could over hear the soldiers marching through the city streets of London, with their guns clinking and the robot busters clanging behind them. The streets were lit with lamps, each of them were fueled by whale oil shipped in from Canada that had bulbs in them. She loved the sound; it was a peaceful sound to her. Before Eva went running off, she told her mother that she was leaving. “Mum, I am going to go watch the troops fall in!” Eva shouted. She waited for her response. “Be safe!” she shouted back. “You know I will!” Eva responded. So, she ran off towards where the soldiers gathered for briefing, it was in this huge warehouse building wearing down by past wars and time. Eva found it interestingly fascinating to her, because it was like art. Art is something that Eva admired no matter what it was. Adam, her brother, enlisted in the army that protected London from the other continents who want our technology and steam-powered engines; Eva always visited him when he and his friends fell into position. So after many years of being in this mess of preparing for this war, Eva lost her father and her older brother, Darren. She tried not to meddle in with such idiocy, since Eva did not want to be involved with a war that can be easily solved. As she approached the large warehouse, two robot busters stood guard watching the perimeter; as steam blew of their pipes Eva sneaked past them and entered the warehouse undetected. The robot busters were man’s greatest invention here in London. Each buster was manned by a soldier, and these busters where also powered by whale oil, which then produced lots of steam from their pipes.

“Alright ladies, I ain’t goin’ to stand here all day. Nah you betta fall in!” a captain shouted. Eva peered over a wall fragment to see all the soldiers lined up in place, out of all of them she could spot her younger brother, Adam. Adam was kind of like her father, dark hair, blue eyes and very shy around woman his age. He joined the Steam army because he felt obligated, since Darren and father did and it ran down the family, but his decision was a horrible one and his mum would agree. The soldiers below Eva were dressed differently. They wore dark brown slacks and black boots that laced up really tight around their ankles, and on their chests they wore regular button ups with black or brown leather jackets. On their leg the soldiers would wear holsters to keep their small pistols or energy guns in for close quarters, and then they strapped larger snipers or strong energy blunder busts on their backs for farther away enemies. As she watched the soldiers fall in, Eve accidentally kicked a small stone from the ledge she was peering from, causing the men below to freak out. She hoped that they don’t kill her. “Sir, what the heck was that?” an infantry man said. “I ain’t sure, may be we need tu find out” the captain said. Eva decided to duck before they could see me, and waited out their search. “Eva, what are you doing here?” Adam whispered to her. Eva looked up at his blue eyes, and smiled. “Just coming to see you do your army stuff, ya know.” she whispered back. He rolled his eyes at her, Adam didn’t like Eve watching him and his buddies fall in, but it’s better than doing nothing at home. “Just…be nice to my captain okay.” Adam groaned. Eva nodded and followed him down a flight of stairs, and into the main area of the warehouse. Upon reaching the ground level of the warehouse, she met Adam’s captain, Captain Lawrence Ivan Brigadier. He was a bulking man at the age of forty-five, he had a mustache that could scare woman away and a scowl that can make any child cry. He wore a tank top that showed off his weight, and on his shoulders were suspenders; the captain needed them. Then on his legs he wore slacks, but more like an off green than the brown. “Who might you be, little lass?” he said with an accent Eva never heard of. “That’s my sister, sir. Eva is her name, age 12 ½.” Adam spoke up for her.

Brigadier looked at Eva with his scowl and mustache, and then he looked over at a boy close in age with her and smiled big. For a man so old and scary, she would never think that he could smile or let alone be happy; he was in a war for Heaven’s sake. “Will, come over here my boy. Come meet this fine lass, Eva.” Brigadier called out. A little boy came running over to the captain, and hid behind his leg like a small alley cat you find at night; Eva introduced herself. “Hallo, the name is Eva. I love adventure and books.” she said with a smile. “Hi, pleasure to meet you Eva. My name is William Charles Brigadier,” he responded. Will and Eva got along pretty well, they played and she read to him for a little bit; at first Eva wasn’t too fond about being around the army soldiers, but it wasn’t that bad. But that wasn’t the least of it. While all the soldiers and the captain were goofing off or relaxing till they had to patrol again, sirens started to go off and the soldiers scrambled from their posts and grabbed every gun they could handle. “What’s that noise?!” Eva asked. Adam was no where to be seen, it was just Will and Eva, or so she thought. Will ran off towards his dad and grabbed his leg again, while Eva just sat there looking for her brother; still he was no where to be seen. Then…a sound like no other sound Eva ever heard before came out of the sky, it was…a missile! The missile was heading straight towards the warehouse, the very same warehouse where she was sitting in and where her brother lived in, Eva couldn’t leave him here!! “ADAM!!” she screamed. But no response came from him, so she ran off to look for him and before Eva could get any farther Captain Brigadier grabbed her by the waist and drugged her out. “Put me down!! Adam!!!” she shouted.

The captain held on to her with a firm grip, as Eva watched the warehouse crumble in front of her into small pieces of dust; Adam was gone forever. “Mum will be heartbroken…” she muttered to herself. Eva just couldn’t believe that she lost her last brother to this pathetic war!! It’s only a matter of time till it’s her turn to become like those crumbling pieces.


The rain beat heavy on his shoulders, the fog started to roll in on London. A young man at the age of twenty-three sat lonely on a roof top fidgeting with his hidden blade, but he wasn’t just sitting there to just enjoy the view. He was doing his job, getting rid of the scum that roamed around London’s streets, terrorizing people and stealing. What he does is strictly professional work assigned by the Queen herself, but that’s not what his dad wanted him to be. When man was twelve, his father, a great captain of a magnificent army, wanted him to join the Steam War. That’s not what his dream was, so he ran away three days after a missile hit a warehouse, holding two thousand infantry men, and his new friend…Eva. “Ya know we both can’t live like this” a low voice came from behind him. “I agree, but remember, I’m not the one with a metallic arm and leg” he responded with sarcasm. The figure knelt down beside him. He could hear clanging and steam bursting from his leg as he went to sit down; it appears these two know each other from the past. “Why don’t you join my crew? I mean you can’t assassinate people for her highness, but at least you’ll have a place” his friend offered. “Adam, what about your sister, aren’t you worried about her?” he asked. Adam looked down from the roof and saw his sister walking home from a nearby cemetery, she looked sad and lonely. “Your right Will, but staying here isn’t going to help her nor telling her I am alive either.” Adam explained. Will thought for a moment, and then came to realize that coming with him on his airship won’t be a bad idea, but then again Eva won’t like it. “Look my friend; I ain’t your father or your mum. You can choose whatever ya like.” Adam stated. Will got up from where he was sitting and smiled, it looked like he’ll be joining the crew of The Whistling Wind after all. “Ah, don’t you worry, Eva will be fine. Come on, let’s get her going!” Adam exclaimed. “I hope your right my friend…I hope your right.” Will muttered.

Upon those seven years, young Eva grew up to be a fine looking woman. No longer did she wear those ugly clothes her mum put her in, and no longer did she have her hair so long. Now hair was cut, and she wore pants and a blouse with a nice corset over it; Eva was a woman for sure. But something deep down inside that woman was a hole, a hole she could not fill unless her brother was found, alive. Roaming the streets, Eva watched as each woman like herself carried themselves with pride and wealth, while as for her, she was a woman dressed as a soldier ready for battle. She wished she could be like that someday. The Steam War finally hit London, and Eva was the only woman in the army that stood up to the Prime Minister’s laziness and cruelty to the little people. Eva walked into her favorite place in Lancaster, and sat down at the small pub to order a nice cuppa. “Top of the morning to ya, Miss Eva, the usual like always?” the bartender asked. “Yes, Richie, thank you.” Eva responded. The bartender poured her a nice cup of earl grey tea, and handed it to her from across the the table; it was about nine in the morning when Eva always came in for a drink. “Miss Eva, have you heard anything new about the war? They say there is an airship captain roaming these parts of London” the bartender said with a pale face. “An airship captain; who is the captain?” Eva asked with a sip of her tea. The bartender showed Eva to a group of sky pirates, telling her to ask if they might know who this mysterious airship captain might be. “Mornin’ men, by any chance you know an airship captain?” Eva asked politely. The leader, who was very tall and muscular man, stepped forward. He had a mustache and a scowl across his face that scared any child or woman away, just like an old friend of hers did long ago.

The pirate leader looked over Eva like he knew her or something, and then began smiling so big a tear fell from his eye. “I can’t believe you’re alive! These seven years have done you well, I see” the pirate exclaimed. Eva pulled out her pistol laced in brass and tubing, and aimed it at the pirate’s torso; she doesn’t trust anyone, especially pirates! “Sir, I believe you have the wrong woman. So, I suggest you back away and bug off!” Eva cocked her pistol. The pirate looked down at the cocked gun, and back away. “Smart man. Now the name please if you will.” Eva threatened. A sigh emitted from the pirate, he didn’t want to give up the name until he knew that Eva was truly ready to know, but she did threaten him. “His name is…” he started off, until a robot buster came smashing into the pub. “Muffins…” Eva breathed. She armed herself with her pistols and crossbow on her back; things were about to get really nasty in this pub. “Richie get to safety! Richie?” Eva shouted. Eva leaped over the bar table and found Richie lying in a pool of his own blood, he had been punctured by a flying wood shard. Eva started to cry, but held in her hurt and changed it into anger. She leaped back over the bar table and brought out her large cross bow, she made herself, and fired it at the robots enormous red eye. That shut it down. Before Eva left her favorite place, she had to do something first. “I am sorry, Richie…” Eva whispered, as she placed a cloth over his dead body. This war needed to end, now!


“You can’t be serious!” Adam exclaimed. News of the robot in Lancaster made its way to The Whistling Wind’s crew members, and of course Adam. “Its true, my own dad told me. He even saw her face to face! Look, if you want to leave I understand, but we’re safer up here.” Will placed his hand on Adam’s metallic shoulder. “Maybe its time…” Adam sat down on his wooden captain’s desk. Before Will could answer him, a member of the crew entered the captain’s cabin. “Sir, we have an unexpected visitor aboard the Whistling Wind” he said with a salute. Adam looked unfazed, but still wondered who would come aboard his ship. So, the three walked out on the main deck and saw a woman with short black hair standing with a sword in hand and heavily armed. “I see you have a visitor, Adam.” Will smirked. “So, this is where you’ve been hiding these seven years, eh? In a bloody airship, with him!” Eva fumed. Adam and Will stared at Eva for a long time, till one of them was brave enough to finally answer. “I can explain…” Adam started. Eva strutted over to her big brother and placed her blade light across his neck, and began threatening him. “If you don’t tell me, then I’ll hand you over to the Prime Minister’s robot busters. Then they can deal with you and not me!” Eva threatened. Will decided it was high time he stepped into this reunion. “Eva, listen, your brother did it for your own safety. Plus look at him! He lost his arm and leg from that missile seven years ago. You really think he’d want to come and tell you he survived, no.” Will explained, as Eva lowered her sword. Adam gasped for air, as his sister walked over to the edge of the Whistling Wind. Tears fell from her eyes, she just couldn’t believe after seven years of being in this war, she found her brother alive. Mum would be so proud of her, bless her soul. “Adam, I am truly sorry. These past years have been hard for me; this bloody war keeps me at bay when I feel like I have nothing in this world. But now that I know you’re alive along with Will over there, I can continue onto what I was doing.” Eva cried.

Will ordered his crew to raise the solar sails and head off towards the Prime Minister’s tower. Where hopefully they can end this catastrophe, and bring back London like it was before the war started. They’ll need all the help they can get to face this war, perhaps some new crew members and some more firepower would help. Eva knew just the person could help, but it might get a little dangerous to where their going.


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