Words Can Knock Us Down

Okay. So I just recently spoke to one of my friends, and she told me that she went to a friend’s wedding. But there’s a slight catch to this wedding, and it came with insults and words being thrown or misunderstood. You wanna know what I told her? I told her this: You see there are just some people is this world that are going to knock you down. And well, that is true in this day in age. I’m not saying that every person is going to knock you over, no. What I am saying is that there are going to be moments in life where people don’t like you, don’t think your beautiful and so and so forth. You know what I tell them, hmm? I say screw them! God knows what I am, I don’t need someone else to tell me who I am or what I want to be. With God on my side, I can’t worry about people’s words knocking me down and tearing me apart.

Let me give you an example here. If you went shopping with your best friend, and you over hear girls your own age speaking about you in a manner that isn’t nice. What would you do? Would you confront them or walk away and have to deal with the hurt later? Because there are always gonna be people like those girls in your life, always. And your not gonna like them one bit, and your gonna wish terrible things upon them and their family. But why bother? All they did was hurt your character and the person that you are, why bother? Its because God already has it under control, and there is no need to make the situation worse than it already is. Trust me, I did this to my friends long ago.

It’s hard to keep walking after getting knocked down, it’s hard to see who you really are, if there are jerks and shmucks in your face. All you gotta do is pray for them, and that’s all. God can regenerate your heart, not them. God can save you, if your willing to take His hand. And God can protect you, if your sure your safe to trust Him enough. Getting knocked down is hard, but we can get back up again. Just like Alfred said in the Dark Knight movie; “Why do we fall Master Bruce? So we can pick ourselves up again.” If we stand by that and listen to what God says, then we’ll be stronger and wiser to not listen to those words that knock us down. Then we will be the better person and not them. If God can move mountains, then you can be strong and wise.

Sun leaf

For my good friend Ariel Woodward. The most nicest, God-fearing and beautiful woman ever. This blog post is dedicated to her, she stood up to someone who was knocking her down. The Lord protected her and calmed her heart. Glad I can be there for you my friend ^_^


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