“Leviathan? Is that what their calling me now?”

Have you ever wanted to be in a relationship? Be one of those famous couples that you see on TV and say, “Man I wish I could be like that!” Well, if you follow what God says you can. Marriage and relationships are two different things that take different aspects to do. A relationship requires for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to be alone and not worry about the parents opinions; while as for marriage, that takes you and your spouse and God. I’ve always wanted to be in both. A relationship and marriage. But I never realized that it takes a lot to be in both, and a lot of communication and trust(something I don’t have). Even though it looks hard and sounds hard, God always has a plan, and its good to never give up on what that plan is.

Marriage. Something that both of my parents cherish, and something I look forward too. Not for just being together, but the way they both build each other up in the Lord every morning before my day goes to work and all the time. That is what marriage is spouse to be, not just getting married to have sex and buy each other nice things, its suppose to be between you and your spouse and God. Like a triangle. God is the main purpose in why your marriage exists, and how you and your future spouse come together as a couple, both physically and spiritually. When I see marriages without God, I die inside, because they don’t set good examples on their kids or other family members. Thus is why I look up to what my parents teach and do with us as a family.

Relationships or Dating. The norm of every marriage starter, and the thing I absolutely despise in young adults my age. Dating doesn’t last long, and I don’t want to do it AT ALL! The reason why is this: Parents are not involved and your alone all the time. That doesn’t sound very safe in my eyes nor in my parents. That’s why I tell people I court instead of date. Its the more biblical and safest way possible in getting to know someone and getting close to marriage with God in the triangle. For dating all you do is go on dates, get to know each other, have some infatuation and end it. It’s stupid and lame all at the same time. The most pointless way be with someone of the opposite sex.

But still there’s that thrive to want to be with someone, and have those special moments with that someone all the time. Don’t let that stop you from walking right with God, and following what His plan is and how it goes. Because one day your prayers for a future spouse might one day be answered when you meet that special him or her. Just don’t do the dating thing, because that destroys what God has in the making for you and what comes next in your life. Enjoy life till the fullest and walk worthy with God always.


Quote is from Once Upon A Time. Sir Lance-a-Lot, was hired by King George to capture Snow White, and when she called him that he was amused yet wondering why people were calling him such a name.

Have a great day guys 🙂





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