“You’re a very beautiful woman, who loved an ugly man…”

I’m going to talk about ships today. The one thing that keeps a fangirl like me going in shows and books that I adore; right now it’s Once Upon a Time. Many shows have characters who lean to another character for romantic pleasures, but there are also some that want friendship instead. But mostly it’s a romantic relationship in two different ways; true love or lust. I have many ships or OTPs in my fandoms, and one of them I have come to like very much to a point where I cry like a baby if something bad happens to the ship. Also there are some ships that are really creepy and really shouldn’t have been invented by the weirdo fangirls and fanboys out there; I’m talking about you Johnlockers! Anyways, ships come in my different ways, big, small, and very strange. The one ship that I thought was strange at first was Rumbelle; Rumpelstiltskin and Belle French from Once Upon a Time.

BelleThis ship sails like the Titanic! Belle is perfect for Rumpel, just look how much hope she has for him even though Rumpel is the Dark One and uses his magic for every problem he is in. But no matter what gets in Rumpel’s way, his love for Belle never leaves him and always grows stronger with each passing moment. Rumbelle is just one of those ships that is strong, that actually has a purpose in the fandom world, and makes better sense than Johnlock or other ships out there that sound nasty. What I am saying is, it’s a beautiful thing to love, to enjoy and to cry about, but not to be obsessed about. Each ship can be a bit dangerous in reality, because then you’ll want to be in that ship, and be with that fictional person in the ship, which isn’t healthy at all.

Mr Gold and Belle

We all can love our ships, OTPS and pairings with great passion, but remember that always comes with a price dearies. Rumbelle, Sherolly, and PrussiaXHungray are my OTPs in my fandoms, and I love them very much in different ways. But I always remind myself that there not real, and that they can’t come to life even if I wanted them to, but you never know. It’s like in real life, God has shipped us with someone already, we just don’t know who that is yet or who it will be. It may sound a teeny bit weird for some, but I think there is someone out there for me, he’ll just have to find me someday 🙂



Quote is from OUAT. I am in love with this show and this ship. Belle has always been one of my favorite Disney characters, and so has the movie. So when they made Rumpelstiltskin as the Beast it just made everything about OUAT even better!


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