“Odin’s beard!” “My beard!”

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The Palacio Real de Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, but is only used for state ceremonies.

A short story I came up with yesterday. I hope you like it:)


“Lovely view isn’t it?” he said with a smile. “Edwin? How did you get past the palace guards?” Isabelle exclaimed. He grinned. Edwin was a specialist at breaking an entering the palace undetected, just to see Isabelle and her sister Aimee. He was a poor farmer boy, who lived outside the palace walls. His parents were killed by the Master of Arms and his brother disappeared into existence; even Isabelle don’t know where he gone to. There are some rumors that Edwin might of went into a vengeance fit when he saw his parent’s murdered, but Isabelle doesn’t believe such a thing. “Oh just a little tweaking of the kitchen doors, and I am inside. Besides that is not why I am here. You and I need to leave this place; it’s no longer safe for us to be together.” Edwin stated. “What? You’re insane! My father is doing his best to keep things straight here in the kingdom. Why would you say that now?” she asked suspiciously.  “Because your father is dead.” Edwin sighed. “WHAT!” Isabelle screeched. “Thus is true, and now that he is dead, your mother will step in.” Edwin warned. Isabelle got up off the ground and dusted herself off. This couldn’t be happening! Of all the people throughout the kingdom, why did it have to her and her only? If her mother stepped up to rule the kingdom, all will be lost, unless she marries someone who has the power to rule. “Edwin, what if my mother married again?” Isabelle asked. “That could happen, but who in this bloody kingdom will marry her?” he questioned.  “Edwin…look at me. Your not going to loose me. Don’t fret, I’ll fix this. Now you better go, before mother or one of the palace guards find you.” Isabelle ordered. “First before I leave you, a kiss to remember me by.” Edwin smiled.

She nodded, and Edwin came a placed a small peck on her cheek, then he was off to escape the palace in due time. Whilst him leaving, Isabelle ran to her chambers to prepare for bed and to say her last goodbyes to her beloved father; mother was still weeping and the Master of Arms’ son was leaning on the wall near by father’s bed. No one really knew his name, but to many of his closest friends or family, he goes by Jaden Hermanson, wielder and a quick bowman. Jaden was close in age with Isabelle and Edwin, but wasn’t really sociable with many people his age or woman for that matter. There have been whispers amongst the servants that Jaden fancies Isabelle, but she despises him of all people. Leaving her father’s chambers, Isabelle returned to her chambers and undressed into her night gown; the bed was neatly made and prepared for sleep. It was late and Isabelle needed the rest after a long, sad day full of death and tears; there are some days that she wished her kingdom was never under attack or that she was far away from this turmoil.


Beneath the caverns of the palace, there lived a powerful wizard that only the king knew about, the king that died. This wizard has the power to teleport people and objects to different times, and when heard Princess Isabelle’s words, he made them come true. Rhodri, for that was the wizard’s name, was quite old. He had a long grey beard and short silvery hair that hid under a rather pointed hat. The wizard was the king’s personal advisor, till his sudden death; Rhodri was also his dear friend and loyal battle companion during wars. It was a sad day for this wizard, but at least he was able to make the king’s lovely daughter happy before he too dies. Rhodri used his powers and sent Princess Isabelle the future, where she’ll have to restart her life all over again, and fall in love again.

“All will be better. Soon the kingdom will only be a dream for dear Isabella, and all the people she knew, will be lost in thought.” Rhodri bellowed. “She’ll have to learn to live there, love and earn her keep. It’ll be a hard thing to do, but with a spirit like hers, she’ll make it through the days.” he wheezed.

And then a loud boom emerged within the palace walls; the guards trembled in their metal and the queen aroused from her slumber. It sounded like the palace as being under attack, but it was just an old wizard performing his last trick in his last days. No body knew what was happening, all they knew was the loud sound and a flash coming from the under the door of Princess Isabelle’s chambers. Once everything ceased, the queen rushed to see if her daughters were safe. When she entered, the queen only found one daughter inside, while her oldest was missing from her bed. The queen squealed in horror, and awoke her youngest daughter Aimee from her bed, causing her to squeal as well. “Guards, guards! My daughter is missing, send a search party to find her! NOW!” she ordered. “Mother, where is Isabelle? Where is my sister gone to?” Aimee asked. “I don’t know child, I simply don’t know…” the queen breathed.


It was the year 2015; the weather was mild, sometimes a bit dreary and sunny. A small town in Oregon was what you can describe as a place full of faces, familiar and unfamiliar. There, is where Isabelle was transported to; a place to start all over and begin a new and better life, than a life behind palace walls. Birds chirped and noises could be heard from across a large field; Isabelle was lying in that field fast asleep with dirt covering her face and night gown. The population in this small town in Oregon was to be about nine thousand or ten thousand people; each person are either related or they know one another. Isabelle, who was finally waking up, found herself in the field dirty and still in her white night gown. She looked around to see if there was anyone around, but from where she was, there was no one to found for miles. Well, Isabelle  picked herself off the ground, and head straight to where a ‘village’ would be found from the field she was in. Isabelle wasn’t expecting that this place she was in, that there will be machines that drive or machines in the air flying like birds.

“Where am I? This isn’t my kingdom? I must be dreaming…I have to be dreaming.” Isabelle assumed. The princess walked further and further along the paved walk way, when it started to rain out of no where, soaking Isabelle to the bone. There was no shelter to stand under, no trees for miles and miles; looks like she’ll just have to keep walking till a ‘village appears. “How did I even get here? The only way I could get some where that has technology…is by a wizard!” Isabella exclaimed. “But we don’t have a wizard, unless father had one as a dear friend and told nobody. I need to get back home!” she said.
Suddenly the wind started to pick up, and poor Isabelle shivering; her night gown was soaked and her hair was dripping, soon she’ll catch a cold.

In the distance, there was a young man walking with his guitar over his head, he too was trying to escape the weather, but the guitar wasn’t helping at all. Isabelle saw him, and tried to call out to him, but he was too far away. So she darted off to the young man to reach him, thus she then calling out to him again. “Help, I am soaked and I need medical attention. Help me!” Isabelle called out. When the young man heard her cries for help, and rushed to attend to her. He found her passed out on the paved walk way, soaked and cold from the wind and rain. So he took her to his place, hoping that his family could take good care of her, and find dry clothes for her to wear.


“She was just out in the middle of no where mom. Soaked to the bone and only wear some sort of night gown” he said.
“Kurt, you can’t just bring strangers in the house. Your father would have a fit when he comes home from work” Kurt’s mom warned. “Shh, she is waking up.” Kurt hushed his mom. Isabelle rustled in a nice comfortable reclined chair, and awoke to a fire and two people staring at her. Embarrassed and slightly confused as to where she was, got out of the chair and wondered around Kurt’s house.  “Um Miss, I do apologize, but you might want to change out of those clothes.” Kurt’s mother said. “Don’t boss me around peasant!” Isabelle said, and then fainted again. “Wow mom, you sure know how to knock people down without harming them.” Kurt chuckled. “Very funny, son. Now help me carry her to your sister’s room.” Kurt’s mom ordered.

Kurt and his mom, carried the princess upstairs to Kurt’s older sister’s room, there Kurt’s mother undressed her and put drier clothes on her. Kurt Barnett was a twenty-one year old young man, who loved music and enjoyed the fresh air of his little Oregon town. He lived in a large Victorian house near the mountains and the water, with his sister, dad and his younger brother Aidan. For the Barnett’s, nothing really happens in their town of Astoria, Oregon, until Isabelle came into their home. “She is beautiful” Kurt smiled as he leaned on the wall to the bedroom. “Whatever you’re thinking, its no. She is going back home after she gets back on her feet.” Kurt’s mother said. “I doubt that, but whatever you say mom.” Kurt shrugged. Evening dawned; Isabelle woke up to find herself in different clothes and in a different room. She did feel a lot better, she wasn’t soaked or cold no more, just a bit confused as to where she was that’s all.

“Good you’re awake, I am Kurt Barnett. Welcome to Astoria, Oregon, a town with the greatest view of the mountains and waters. You are in my house, which contains my mother, my father, my older sister Emilee and my younger brother Aidan.” Kurt explained. “You look like Jaden…that black hearted man, full of hatred to my family.” Isabelle snapped.
“I am not sure who this, ‘Jaden’ guy is, but sounds mean. Trust me girl, I am not him, I am no where near his guy.” Kurt grinned. “Don’t do that. I am already with someone, peasant.” Isabelle snapped again. Kurt rolled his eyes. Looks like he’ll have to get use to her calling him ‘peasant’ all the time; this is going to be a very long day, he thought.  “Look girl, I am going to show you around Astoria, and maybe get to know you and where the heck you came from, okay?” Kurt grunted. “Fine, fine peasant! Now where can I get a dress to wear?” Isabelle demanded. “You’re wearing one, beautiful.” Kurt smiled.

Isabelle looked down at the clothes she was wearing, and saw a floral dress on her that touched her knees. She then looked up at Kurt, who was leaning up against a wall fragment of the bedroom. He was a handsome young man; clean shaved, with black short hair and a nice smile. Kurt was taller than Isabelle, and he wore these ripped jeans, and a shirt with some designs on it. Not bad for a man she just met like a couple minutes ago, huh. “Please don’t call me that. I am not yours to be with, what is it? Kurt?” Isabelle ranted. “Whatever, princess rude mouth.” Kurt joked. “Take that back! I am not rude, take that back!” Isabelle called out.

Isabelle followed Kurt through the halls of his home, and found him sitting on a nicely crafted balcony across from his room. The he sat with the very same guitar she saw in his hand; Isabelle wondered if he played or was it just for decoration. Whatever is was for, she knew that being mean to the young man who saved her from the cold and rainy weather last night was rude. She needed to apologize, but Kurt started to play something on his guitar, and then started to sing as well. Isabelle felt her heart soar once she heard his beautiful voice sing. Maybe being here in Oregon wasn’t that bad, maybe she was put here for a reason, but she just doesn’t know it yet. Perhaps staying for a while might be okay, and getting to know Kurt a little better would be okay also. “Your singing is wonderful.” Isabelle came from behind the door she was peering from. “How long have you’ve been standing there?” Kurt asked. “Long enough to apologize, I hadn’t realized you were the young man who saved me.” Isabelle said. “Apology accepted.” Kurt beamed. “Princess Isabelle Hayden.” Isabelle introduced herself “A princess huh, where did you come from?” Kurt asked. “How about I’ll tell over our tour of the town.” Isabelle smiled. “I can do that, princess, I can do that.” Kurt grinned.



Quote is from Avengers Assemble. Odin came to earth to receive his son, Thor. He ended up fighting one of his enemies in the middle of central park.



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