New Things Have Come

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You know those things that just happen and you can’t describe how it came to be? Well, they call that and act of God’s divine will. Something my dad told me yesterday is, that if you pray for something it will get answered for sure. And guess what, a prayer that I’ve been praying for a long time was answered Saturday morning. I am not going to explain what it is, but all I can tell you is I am extremely happy and I’m thank God for his amazing work in my life even when I don’t even know it at times. When things like ‘my prayer being answered’ happen, I tend to get overly excited or I cry in happiness; this was a thing i got overly excited about. God ensures things in the most extraordinary ways, and this that occurred to me, is well extraordinary in the most unexpected way ever. I wish I could tell you guys, but I don’t want to break the news until it’s official, so don’t ask me questions about what it is, because I won’t tell you.

The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,
    who does not trust in an idol
    or swear by a false god.

 They will receive blessing from the Lord
    and vindication from God their Savior.

Psalms 24:4-5

I’m sorry if this post is short, but I didn’t want to go all out on you guys. So if you read this and think that I was too lazy to write one of my long rant post, your quite wrong. But I can share with you my anime story that I have been writing; I think it okay…I dunno anymore.


Rain trickled down the windows, as I and my brother drove to the cemetery. It was the day of our parent’s funeral, and we were hosting it in the middle of Nishio. I couldn’t get a hold of myself that day, after my parents died in a horrible plane crash; I felt my life drifting away. The year was 2134, and Japan was just reaching it full potential in their technology. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of technology ruling out man, but for my brother Katsuo it was the world to him. He talks about this video game called: Samurai Warrior Online. Whatever it is, I am not going to get myself into that sort of thing, sounds dangerous to me.

            “Yuko, were here. Want me to escort you in?” Katsuo said.

            “No, I’ll be fine. Just go park the car; I’ll wait for you inside.” I said with a sigh.

I got out of the car, and walked into the pagoda that sat in the middle of Nishio. It stopped raining, and I sort of felt good after it cleared up. Rain seems to make me feel like crap, and knowing that it stopped I felt better about hosting the funeral. My parents were amazing, and they took excellent care for Katsuo and I, but now that their gone…I’m lost in this world. Yeah, I have Katsuo, but he doesn’t really notice me that often anymore. It’s just him, technology, and his girlfriend Suzume.


I opened the door to the viewing room, and there, I saw all my friends and other family members sitting in chairs waiting on Katsuo and I. We were the only children my parents had, and that meant everything that my parents left would got to my brother and not me, because I wasn’t the eldest. It’s kind of sucks…

            “Yuko, I am so sorry for your loss” my friend Mizuki said.

            “Thank you Mizuki, I appreciate your support.” I sighed deeply.

When Katsuo came in, we began the ceremony right away. The two of us said some words about our beloved parents and ended it with a prayer for them and the people in the room. I just couldn’t live with myself, them being gone was the worst feeling in my life. Katsuo, who didn’t look like he showed any emotion, left the viewing room in a hurry; must be something about his stupid video game…typical. That being said, I was left at the pagoda. So, I asked my friend Mizuki to drive me home; it started to rain again.

            “Why does your brother disappear like that?” Mizuki asked me.

            “His stupid game thing, that’s why he leaves.” I grunted.

            “Oh you mean, Samurai Warrior Online? That game is fun! You should try it, Yuko!” Mizuki exclaimed.

“I rather not, I find it lame. Besides I don’t want something stuck to my head for hours on end just to play a game.” I snapped.

Mizuki shrugged, but she was right, maybe playing a game might distract me from all my negative emotions that I have. I might just try playing this Samurai Warrior Online game for just a little bit.


I sat on my bed staring at the head gear thing for Samurai Warrior Online. From what I can recall from my brother’s rants about the game, is that in order to play you have to place the head thing on your head to initiate the game. When you’re inside, you make your avatar, and pick the abilities from there for your avatar to use. Sounds easy enough to do. It’s just a huge MMORPG game full of other players inside, no big deal…

            “Alright…let’s do this.” I said placing the head gear on.

Once on I activated the game, and was instantly transported inside it where all these other players were. My choice of weapons was a sword and a bow in the game, which means I can either wield a sword or shoot a bow with no problem at all. On top of that, I had to make up a name for my avatar, so I made my name as Hikari. Now that I was set and ready for the game, I tried heading to the main lobby where all the other characters were gathered, until I met…Daichi.


He was a very good looking man; I have never seen him around Nishio before. Perhaps he lives in another part of Japan maybe, or maybe it was a girl portraying as a male avatar. Whoever he was, he looked cool and very knowledgeable of SWO.

        “Um, hello, my name is Hikari. I’m somewhat new to the game. Could you show me how to play?” I asked kindly.

The man turned around and grinned at me. He offered his hand to shake, and I did.

       “The name is Daichi. I’m somewhat of a pro at this game” he beamed.

       “That’s great to hear! So you can help me, right?” I asked.

        “Certainly, I can show you how to wield your sword.” Daichi smiled at me.

I blushed. Never had a guy do something for me before, it felt really good. Daichi took me to a meadow, where he and I trained my sword skills on wolves; he taught me how to power up my sword and how to do hard strikes.

         “And that’s how it’s done.” Daichi smiled.

I just stared at him and admired him. He was handsome. Daichi had long black hair, with a blue slash down his bangs. His face was similar to my brothers but broader in width and length. And height, well let’s just say he was a tad bit taller than me. Just a perfect guy for a girl like myself.

            “Hikari, did you hear me? Hikari?!” Daichi yelled.

I blushed and looked away from him in embarrassment, “I am sorry. What did you say?”

            “We need to head to the main lobby. All the players have gathered there for some reason. Let’s got!” Daichi said, grabbing my head to lead me.


SWO is such an amazing game! I can’t wait to log out to tell Katsuo about my adventure, and how I met Daichi. Something was wrong, I couldn’t log out of SWO. My log out button wasn’t working properly and none of the other players were logging out either, something is wrong. As Daichi and I reached the main lobby with all the other players were gathered, a strange yet creepy guy appeared above us. The guy explained that he created the game to a point where it would be a virtual reality and an RPG also, that means were stuck in the game till we clear all the levels.

            “Also another thing before you decided to get any bright ideas” he said. “If you die in the game, you also die in reality as well. So try not to die in SWO.” The guy laughed and then disappeared in to a cloud of purple smoke. All the players stood there shocked, scared and somewhat confused as to what the heck just happened; I was terrified for my life.

      “Things just got really difficult all of a sudden…” Daichi breathed.

      “Looks like were stuck here…forever.” I sighed.


In the real world, Katsuo was just coming home from his girlfriend’s house, when he noticed that Yuko was no where to be found. He would think that she would be home after the funeral, but he might be wrong.

     “Yuko, where are you?” Katsuo called out.

But there was no answer from her, so he went looking for her, and found that she was connected to his gaming head gear. He rushed to take it off, but all that happened was him getting electrocuted from the gear. Katsuo knelt down by the bed, grabbing his little sisters hand, and cried his eyes out; he felt like this was all his fault for causing it, but to be correct it was someone even bigger than that.

Taichi Daisuke Yamamoto, the creator of SWO and owner of the major technological advanced video games in Japan, was said that he disappeared out of no where. Amongst his disappearance, over one thousand people in Japan were taken to local hospitals due to the fact that they could not take the game head gear off their heads. The families of the participants were scared that their loved ones would be stuck in the game forever, but they didn’t know what it was like inside it and how they would get out…alive. Katsuo just couldn’t believe that he lost his parents and now his little sister…could it get any worse?


 Just be patient with me guys, and I’ll tell you what has happened, okay? Okay. See ya 🙂


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