Flaws that Happen

When we least expect it, we somehow fall into depression. It engulfs us in a shadow of grey and black, and we can’t push away from it. The feeling that you wish to sleep all day, or avoid other people is hard to escape. Depression has these effects on several teenagers my age. It comes and goes as it pleases and sometimes it remains where it is. For me, it comes and goes; I feel alone sometimes and melancholy almost everyday. I dunno if it’s because I’m an introvert or I just like to be alone. All I know is that I have a form of depression.

This shadow of grey and black effects us all in a way not everyone can comprehend. There are some people who are so depressed that they wish to do self harm, or even kill themselves! But listen there is no need to do such a thing to yourself, because God is always there for you even in your darkest moments in life. That shadow won’t be above you, and you won’t feel melancholy anymore, for God is on your side.

Along with depression, I also suffer from anxiety and nerves. Anxiety is like a wave of many emotions mixed together and causes a horrific stomach ache. It’s like thinking outside the box way too much and worrying about what happens next. Anxiety is a flaw of mine, and I let it get the hold of me now and then. It makes me worry to much about the good and the bad things in life, and it makes my thought process horrible to counter act with reality. But lately I’ve gotten better with it, and realized that I cannot control what goes on in my life anymore. God is my benefactor, and He is the one who controls every situation in my life, whether it’s good or bad.

Despite these flaws, I am still walking right with The Lord and I’m doing better everyday. You can say I’m kinda like Hazel Grace, but minus the cancer and so on and so forth. Even though I have these thing, these flaws, God is present in all of them. And His will is working everyday throughout my life, and in other lives too. So don’t forget whose in control, because without God, you might loose sight of Him all together.


2 thoughts on “Flaws that Happen

  1. I think all of us have moments of depression, but your point is true. We have to keep our thoughts on God. Drawing closer to Him will not take away all of our problems, because life is full of them, but we will continue to conquer them and that is always amazing.

    1. Agreed Jack. I didn’t really want to make this public, but I wanted other girls like myself to know that their not alone in this battle. God is always there, and without Him we walk a dark path. It is only God who knows how our lives play out not us.

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