I thought I was invisible? I was totally wrong.

When it comes to the norm of life, whether public school, college or homeschool, we have this thought that nobody notices us and nobody really cares. Princess Diaries is a movie that shows how a girl like Mia, turns from being invisible from normal people, to a princess of her own country. Like all girls, we want to be just like Mia or a princess, someone who stands above the world. But that’s not what being a princess is about, it’s much more than that. Yeah sure being invisible is wonderful, trust me I thought it was too, till my ‘special friend‘ opened a door for me to a new life; then I realized that being invisible isn’t what I wanted anymore.

We’ve replaced the word invisible to introvert and came up with an unsociable group of teens and adults who wish to remain at home doing nothing but surf the internet. But that can have several affects on your life and your walk with Christ; I for one know what I’m talking about. See, when you look at someone who is a introvert, someone who avoids crowds and stays aside from arguments and sits and reads instead, then your sorta missing out on great conversations and fellowship with other teens or adults your age. The site called Tumblr encourages that to most of the American and European populations. Now don’t get me wrong I love Tumblr, but encouraging introverts to just stare at their computer, at something that is not real is gonna get them a job or a future husband or wife? I don’t think so. Thus why we say we’re invisible.

Being invisible maybe great, and you can tell from Mia’s life it was great for her, but when you have a royal grand mum come into your life and say: Surprise your a Princess. Then your gonna realize that being away from others and interesting conversations is pretty selfish, because that’s who your thinking about when your being invisible. Yourself. That’s what Mia learned in Princess Dairies, that being invisible was only about herself and her little world of people she was with. And I think that’s what we mean when we say we’re invisible, were just being selfish to others and having only time to ourself and our friends.

You can’t just shut out society, it doesn’t work that way. You can say you do and just fake it, but it’s still there. Being invisible has it’s advantages and disadvantages, figure out if invisibility is your thing to just be selfish or just to hid away with society. Mia Thermopolis learned that hard way that being invisible what not its all cracked up to be, and being kind and caring to others was way more important. Hope you can find that out, I know I am.


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