Okay so I posted my first part of my anime on here, how about I post my second one. 

Hetalia men


It had been at least two months of being stuck in SWO, and I couldn’t seem to get use to it. Ever once and a while, Daichi and I would practice our swords skills by clearing dungeons. Lots of people were in the dungeon, most of them were either higher levels or new comers to the game. One of the players looked really familiar to me, so I went to go introduce myself to her.

            “Hi, um mine name is Hikari, or Yuko. What’s yours?” I said with a small bow.

            “Hehe, Yuko don’t do that! I’m your best friend” she laughed.

            “Mizuki!! Oh my gosh, your alive and stuck in this game.” I cried.

            “Yeah I’ve been in here kicking some serious butt. Glad you finally joined me, and you made a new friend too!” Mizuki giggled.

Daichi stood there confused as to whom this girl was, and how I knew her. He tried to ditch me and transport to a safe zone, but I grabbed his hand and introduced him to my best friend.

            “Daichi is my name. I have been teaching Hikari how to wield a sword and also how to use heavy power attacks” he said with a grin.

            “Nice to meet you, Daichi. Hope you can keep this girl in line, she’s a bit of a downer when it comes to games.” Mizuki laughed.

I pushed her, and grabbed Daichi’s hand. We were needed in the safe zone for a meeting with the other guilds that were made. After these past two months of being inside SWO, many players formed guilds or large parties; these guilds were powerful and unbeatable. One of the most powerful guilds was the Hooded Samurai, and that was the guild Mizuki was second in command of. The three of us teleported to the safe zone called: Wood Village Gardens. When we got there the guild was in an up roar over passing the higher levels, and the leader was pretty ticked off that nobody could pass them.

            “Akio, what the heck is going on?” Mizuki exclaimed.

            “Ma’am, we have made a plan to conquer the other levels and dungeons. But alas we lost several men in the last one we entered” he sighed.

Daichi stepped into the conversation, and tried to assist my friend and her fellow commander. Akio Shun was a tough guy; his level is higher than most average soldiers in SWO. His attacks are extremely outrageous for any player that I know in this game, even for Daichi.

            “Sir, if I may imply. Your tactics are sloppy, and without a safe plan to beat these levels and dungeons you and your whole team will die.” Daichi stated.

            “Who are you to say such a thing to the commander of the Hooded Samurai?! Certainly you know nothing of us to say something like that!” Akio yelled.

            “No, but I have been in this game before it was put on the market, so that makes me a higher level than all of you. So if you don’t mind I suggest you listen to my advice so you won’t die!” Daichi said sternly.

I just stared at Daichi for a moment. What he said to Akio, about him being in the game before it was on the market, makes him a beater! Someone who can cheat and beat a game without assistance from the other players, but he cant be the only beater in SWO, right? Katsuo told me that he was doing the beta test for this game, and he said that he reached almost level 100, and his level on his avatar was close to 80. Maybe that is why Daichi doesn’t use his full powers, because he doesn’t want people to think that his is a beater.


It was now eight o’clock in the evening, and I was out roaming a small dungeon without Daichi. I had my new sword in had called: Black Storm. It power was better than the sword that I started out with, thus I can now defeat dungeon enemies without help from Daichi or Mizuki.

            “Hey pretty girl, what are you doing out here?” a sly voice came from behind me.

            “Gonna beat the crap out of you, if you don’t back off.” I said.

The sly voice came into view, and it was a creepy pale man with a mask across his face. He had a symbol on his gloves, and when I saw the icon above his head it was orange, I started to get really scared all of a sudden.

            “What’s wrong little girl, never seen a murder guild before?” he said with a sneer.

            “Actually no, I have not. But I have seen a stranger in a hooded cape before.” I point to a figure behind them.

The guild leader and his members looked to see what I was pointing at and they turned paler than they were. The caped figure ran over towards me and the guild, and pulled out a long sword.

            “If you boys don’t mind, I suggest you leave this girl alone. Or else I’ll have to kill you” the figure said.

            “Men, I believe that is The Grimm Reaper! Holy crud we’re dead…” the guild leader said.

            “That’s right, so leave or so help me I’ll kill you!” The Grimm Reaper threatened.

I looked at the Grimm Reaper person, and thought that he or she was awesome! But then again, Reaper could also be part of a murder guild as well, so I back away slowly…

            “Nah, I’d rather suffer the consequences with you” the guild leader smirked.

            “Your lose…” Reaper sighed.

Grimm Reaper took off the hood and revealed that Grimm was an actually a girl like myself. I was shocked. I would never thought that a girl like me could be that powerful in a game like SWO, she must be a beater.

            “Men, The Grimm Reaper is a girl!” the guild leader shouted.

            “Sir that’s the other beater like Daichi” a solider of the guild said.

            “We…got to go. Um farewell, but I will get you next time Hikari!!” he shouted at me.

I breathed out heavily, after that incident. That was seriously a close one, maybe next time I should bring Daichi with me, or maybe team up with Grimm Reaper. She was close in age with me, but her level and powers were way higher than me; I felt pitiful.

            “Hey, thanks for saving my butt.” I thanked her.

            “Haha, no problem! I figured you needed help, plus I wanted to scare the crap out of those guys.” Grimm laughed.

            “The names Aya, what’s yours?” she asked me.

            “Hikari, but you can call me Yuko. Should I offer you anything for saving me?” I asked.

            “Yeah, maybe some dinner, haha.” Aya smiled.

I shrugged and took my new friend out for a drink and something to eat, and once we entered the safe zone, I saw Daichi leaning up against the pub wall. Thinking up a plan to save my butt from explanation, I lied about where I went and what happened to me to Daichi.

            “Where the heck have you been?” Daichi asked me.

            “Was out wondering the safe zone; nothing special.” I rolled my eyes.

            “Mhmm, right.” Daichi smirked.

Aya started to laugh. She thought we acted like an old married couple; Daichi and I are just friends though.

            “You guys a thing or something?” Aya asked.

            “Um no, I am her guide through SWO, and also her protector.” Daichi explained.

            “Sure you are…” Aya smiled.

So the three of us had dinner, and talked about being in this game; it was hard for beaters like Aya and Daichi to fit in because they are higher levels than other players. We also talked about death, and how many players died after the huge announcement two months ago. I wonder if maybe, there needs to be someone who isn’t afraid of death, someone who can stand above everyone and save them. Death in this game shouldn’t be feared, what we should fear is if we ever get out of this game, whether alive or not. Only time will tell if we reach level 100, and actually survive till the end; I don’t want to die in here, I am afraid of dying in here.


Dungeon 35 was the next dungeon that the Hooded Samurai was going to conquer. Akio, Mizuki and the other members of the guild were preparing themselves for what lied inside behind the huge dungeon doors. Before they entered, they counted how many they lost and how many men they still had left; Akio knew he should’ve listened to Daichi.

            “Mizuki, I believe we must fall back. It’ll give the guild to rest up.” Akio said with a sigh.

            “Sir, are you sure? We are in the dungeon, how come you don’t wish to go further?” Mizuki asked.

            “Because, we need to recruit a few samurai to help us fight!” Akio exclaimed.

            “Commander, who are we going to recruit? My friend Yuko can’t fight a lick, and her friend Daichi is a beater.” Mizuki stated.

Akio grinned. He knew that Daichi was a beater, and that’s what he needed to get the heck out of this game and back to the real world. Akio had family that needed him, and being stuck in this game wasn’t helping his mood or thought process for the guild. He told all the men to transport back to their safe zone, and meet up back to the guild pagoda early tomorrow morning. Akio was going out to search for a beater…


Quote is from Hetalia. Italy loves pasta.



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