A Door Opens

Wandering the Good

Your wandering around a abandon castle, exploring the halls, the rooms and the throne room. The you suddenly hear a voice coming from a suspicious part of the castle you had not explored yet. You get curious, and dash off to the voice as your heart races for adventure and mystery. As you reach closer and closer, something stops you from reaching for the door, something unexpected. The voice stops and your heart ponds in your chest full of fear. The door opens, you stand there scared what might be behind it, and then you freeze. A Prince stands there in his full attire and a huge smile across his face. He takes your warm hand, and brings you inside and shows you a life you never had before. A life with the Prince as his Princess forever, and all you gotta do is accept it, right?

When we have a door that opens before us, we get scared, and we wonder how to approach it with ease. We want to tell everybody about it, and they get excited for you. But that isn’t going to help your fear of this opened door, and it wont help you approach it either. The best way to handle something like this is through prayer and guidance by either your parents or pastor. You can’t handle something like this without God’s consent, without Him that door of yours wont be open for much longer. Like I’ve said before is a past post, someone has opened a door for me and I have been praying to pursue this door whole heartily and see where God leads me to. This door has made me happy, yet scared because I was not prepared for something this huge to happen in my life. So I am taking it slow, and having God take the lead of this opened door for me then instead people.

It’s hard not telling people about this, and it’s hard not expressing your feelings about this opened door too. But trust me, taking it slow helps and being logical in your word choices also helps. This opened door I have explored, has given me an insight as to what my future might be holding for me; I don’t know if I can fully accept that yet! For someone who wants to be a writer, a stay at home mom, and eventually an author, I don’t know how to react to this door before me. It’s a good thing I have my parents, and my loving Savior to guide me and to show me what needs to be said and what needs to happen. Do you remember one of my posts saying ‘special friend‘? Well that is who opened the door for me. I call him my special friend because my little sister called him that a few days ago, and so the name stuck with it.

So far only specific people know about this opened door, and only certain people don’t know. There are people who like to make it their business to know what goes on in my life, but that isn’t going to happen. Please keep my special friend and I in your prayers as we get to know each other and bond; I’m trying my best not to be awkward and such about this, sorry. I can only tell you what I have told you, nothing else. If you want to know more, you can ask me personally. Thanks guys for understanding šŸ™‚


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