Stay True to What You Know

My brother Josh and I have been watching the movie series called: Mighty Ducks. It’s a cute little movie about a ex-lawyer who became a pee wee hockey coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Gordon Bombay. In the the first movie Bombay gets a DUI from reckless driving and alcohol usage.  Due to his DUI, he had to perform community service, thus how he became the coach of the Mighty Ducks or Duck for some. Bombay didn’t really wanted to return back to playing or let alone coaching Hockey again because it reminded him too much of his dad and how hard he pushed him to be the best player on the ice. But Bombay pushed through and learned to love the players like his own sons and daughters. Bombay is a perfect picture of how we can stay true to what we know best in this life, and how we can glorify God in our actions through our everyday life. Staying true to what you know isn’t hard , but knowing that God has your back and can lead you straight down the path of Righteousness is the greatest prize. In the second movie of Mighty Ducks, Bombay is tested really hard. He goes from getting injured on the ice, to coaching a worldwide team. But Bombay gets into some deep dirt in this movie… During the time when he is coaching, a manger from Hendricks allows him to sponsor for it and that takes control of him and his focus on the team. Which then the team looses hope in their coach and they call him Captain Blood or something like that. Bombay gets so tied up in this life of sponsorship for Team USA, he forgets to stay true to what he knows: coaching.

See we can get all hooked up in this life we live in, and forget who is in charge of us and who lead us to Him. It may not have been like that for Coach Bombay, but it can be that way for us in the real world. In movies they think the characters can get away with stuff like: betrayal, selfishness, and murder. But we can’t, because we are a child of God, and doing things like that will turn us to people like Coach Bombay was during his time with the sponsorship. Stuff like that leads us to become broken, and empty inside like Regina from Once Upon A Time. We don’t need to be empty when we can be filled be God and his holiness. He is always there for us, and even when we can’t stay true to what we know, God can step in and help us with that. Emma Swan has that problem too, same with Hook as well. For them it’s either do it for yourself or help others…in the end they end up helping their family or each other. I can give you many examples of people who can and cannot stay true to what they know, but none of them are going to help you fix your problem and none of them are going to lead you down the path of righteousness either. Your the example, and your the one who should be showing glory to God all the time, not following others, not being someone you want to be, just you and you alone giving God the full glory.

Okay, I think my rant is over. We all could be like Coach Bombay, we could all be like Emma Swan or Captain Hook. But what really matters is that we stay true to what we know and to stay true to ourselves and to God alone. Because without staying true to God then we give into Man’s world and it’s whispers in our ear, so we can step away from God and follow our own path. Don’t forget who God is, because one day, you too will be in deep dirt and I am not gonna be the one to pull you out…

"I didn't want to have to do this love, but here comes the smolder"

Have a splendid day guys, love you all 🙂


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