Having someone like you is a wonderful feeling. You get gitty, and want to pressure the to continue on with his/her likings, but what we need to consider is ‘Why the rush?‘ I mean, as a girl, I want to rush things to get them done. It’s called motivation. When it comes to relationships, whether it be dating or courting, it’s best to let God take care of it than just handling it on your own. Why do I say this now? Well it’s because I am in a relationship, and with whom you might ask? That I can’t tell you, sorry guys. The reason I am talking about this now, is because its vital to ever relationship. If you speed through a relationship, you miss things that you find out when you get married or further along down the relationship, thus in resulting lack of communication and instability between each person. Causing the relationship to break something you don’t want, but its something Satan desires. Rushing a relationship with someone can damage the passion you have with that person, and I don’t think you want that.

I have come to find out, that being in a relationship, whether its official or slowly getting to that point, is scary. Not only for me, but for the person on the other end of the stick. Because it’s new, it’s different and there’s emotions flying everywhere between you and that other person. And all you want to do is shout to that person that you love them or what to be with them for the rest of their lives. Whatever it may be, you have to know that being in a relationship is not a one person job, its a three person job. Remember our triangle? That is important, and that is why we don’t rush things. God is Sovereign, not us and certainly not the other person. It’s kinda like buying your favorite merchandise at a store before they all run out, or getting the newest Apple device. We all have our perks as to when and how we want our relationship to do and how fast we want it to go. The thing is, are we willing to give that job away to God and have Him take over?

I found that Prayer is what you and your other half need to do on a consistent basis. Doing that will grow not your relationship to each other, but also with Christ. If you rush your relationship with each other, that means your not focusing on where you are with Christ, thus leading you and the other half into sinful acts between you. Bad idea. Also doing devotions together is another way to help you and your other half  to get closer with Christ and you as well. The reason why I am pushing this, is everywhere I look I see people (mainly young people) rushing their way to get married, have sex or purse a relationship. It’s important that we as young folk understand that being in a relationship maybe all fun and emotions, but what it really is a responsibility between you, your other half and God alone. So if you pursue someone, whether you be a guy or a girl, remember rushing things is a bad idea.

I may not be wise about relationship, but I sure know what is biblical and what is not…


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