“Look he’s got a sword!” “You fools we all have swords!”

Have you ever wonder why some parents don’t keep a short leash on their children when they get older? I mean they are coming to an age where they can pick and choose what they want to do with their own lives yes, but still, it bothers me to no end. I know people like that, and what they tell when I talk to them, just makes me want to shake my head in dismay of them. Parents are suppose to watch and guard their children, not just shake off whatever their doing behind their backs; you never know they might one day join a terrorist group. I’m being serious though, it’s important that parents know what their children (doesn’t matter what the age) are doing behind their backs. They should be checking their social media, texts messages, emails and blogs regularly or just every other day; your children could be forsaking your family name and what you believe in. I have a strong dislike for people who do this, letting their children get away with things, and then suddenly finding out about it in a ugly manner by other people. You as parents have a responsibility towards your children to raise them up as The Lord wants you to, not in the way the world has done so. Proverbs 22:6

We all make mistakes, but there are times that those mistakes repeat themselves in your children. The that would be the time you should discipline your children and take everything away from them for a long time; it’ll help them out, trust me. Parents, your children are like mirrors, you see yourselves in them, and if you can tell by what they say, do or think then you can catch them in the act. It’s best to talk to your children and ask where they are in life than just ignoring them, and putting them on a dusty shelf to forget them. Going behind a parents back is wrong, also not wanting to know what you talk about with others is wrong; basically it’s like lying to your parents and making them think that their children are angels in their eyes. Psych! Not paying attention is also something stupid as well. If you do not take time out of your day, and look at your child’s electronic belongings, then you have failed as a parents and as a guardian. Just saying people.

Responsibility is the key here. Without you paying attention, caring and knowing your child, there is no way you will ever know that your child is going behind your back. Maybe you’ve giving up with your child or children, doesn’t mean you can’t pray for them, or help them wherever they are in life. Prayer is a strong thing, because talking to them personally about it may cause some…ugly arguments to come out. I urge you parents to watch your children, and look over their social media and other electronic things, because it could ruin you and your entire family someday. This may sound harsh, but I am a truth sayer, and I share my blunt opinions with many people. Sorry but that’s my thinking, deal with it.


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