“Can your science prove why it rains?” “Yes, yes it can!”


A short story inspired by my pirate 🙂

Across miles and miles of the great ocean, a battalion of ships sailed the outskirts of Great Britain to keep her seas protected from pirates and enemies of The Queen. The captain of the battalion ship was a handsome, dashing Irishmen who enjoys life on the sea and on his ship. He goes by Captain Rhys Clay, a man with the power to swoon a woman with just a glance and can out wield anyone in a sword fight. Rhys was out on the seas by the order of The Queen; she got word of pirates stealing from the royal ships, so she sent Rhys to investigate the situation.
“Careful lads, there be a pirate ‘bout” Rhys warned his crew.
As the crew of Alvington grew close to where the pirate was spotted, the quartermaster spotted something on the starboard bow. He took out his telescope and peered into it; what he saw was remarkable and impossible.
“Cap’n, you betta hav a look” the quartermaster said, as he handed Rhys the telescope.
Rhys took a look through the telescope, and just as the quartermaster thought, so did he. Out off the starboard bow was a flying pirate ship; it was hovering over the ocean with propeller type wings and engines in the back. The figure head was a mermaid of course, and the flag waved a dark black fabric with a skull and cross bones across it. She was a mighty fine boat; Rhys envied the captain of such a vessel and wanted to know how such a thing like that can hover over the ocean.
“Quartermaster, signal them.” Rhys ordered him, just as he stuffed the telescope away.
“Cap’n?” the quartermaster questioned.
“Do as I say or it be the brig for you.” Rhys ordered again with a threat.
“Right, of course captain” he replied and did as he was ordered to do.
Just as the quartermaster did was he was told to do, Captain Rhys prepared himself for a fight, just in case the pirates don’t cooperate properly. He had a plan all thought out. Capture the captain and its crew and take the vessel for his own; it’s a good plan, he thought.
“Be ready lads! These be pirates not enemies of The Queen.” Rhys announced.
The pirate ship stopped, and threw her anchors over across the side; Rhys had his blade and gun ready. Pirates stepped foot on the deck of the Alvington, Rhys could not believe his eyes when he say the captain of the marvelous vessel; a woman.
“Well now, it be a battalion leader for her highness, how quaint” the pirate captain mused.
“You’re a pirate? But you’re a woman!?” Rhys exclaimed.
“And? A woman can sail a ship just as a man can. Even if my ship is a stolen vessel or not” she winks.
Rhys was stunned; he has never met a pirate that was a woman, let alone a beautiful woman before. The pirate captain walked over to Rhys, then she began walking around him in a circle examining from top to bottom.
“See what you like?” Rhys asked.
“You’re a handsome man…too bad you’re a battalion leader in all” she smiled.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Rhys questioned.
“Alright mates, time to depart and be heading out” the pirate captain ordered, ignoring Rhys question.
Rhys wasn’t gonna let this pirate leave without her name, it just wasn’t good form to leave and not get a ladies name. Before the pirate captain left, Rhys grabbed her forearm and asked for her name politely.
“I go by many names across the skies, but for you handsome, you can call me Serenity” she smiled, and then boarded her vessel.
“Serenity…” Rhys murmured to himself.


After a few months passed, Rhys and his crew were ordered to investigate trouble around the boarder of Ireland. Ever since Rhys met Serenity, he never stopped chasing after her; the crew was getting rather considered with his mental health. The quartermaster, who goes by Rogers, entered Rhys personal cabin to talk with him about Serenity and this chase.
“Cap’n, may I speak freely with you?” Rogers asked.
“Of course, Rogers, please sit.” Rhys offered.
“Okay… Um sir, it’s ‘bout this woman you been chasin’. We think you need to cease it until we get done with the investigation.” Rogers insisted.
Rhys was silent. He knew that the crew didn’t understand; finding this woman could end his numerous dreams rummaging through his head at night. Serenity was the one, the one he wanted to love…the one he did love.
“Please understand, Rogers, I need to find her…” Rhys said.
“Alright, cap’n, but don’t risk the crew because of one woman…” Rogers warned.
Just as Rogers left the cabin, one of the crew members announced that there was movement of the port side; Rhys knew exactly what it might be, and scrambled to get on deck.
“Hand me the telescope!” Rhys ordered.
Rogers handed him the telescope. Rhys peered through it and spotted the vessel from a few months ago; it was Serenity’s sky ship.
“I am not loosing you again, lass” Rhys whispered to himself.
Rhys ordered his crew to raise the sail, and to go full speed ahead; today was the day that his chase was going to end. The crew, still worried about their captain, finally understood why he wanted to find this pirate woman; Rhys loved her.
“Steady as she goes, lads!” Rhys exclaimed.
As the Alvington reached the sky ship, Captain Rhys searched the vessel with his telescope for Serenity; she wasn’t on board. No she wasn’t on board, because she was standing right behind Rhys with a big smile on her face.
“It’s strange that we keep meeting like this, Captain Rhys. Have you been following me?” Serenity questioned.
“Honestly, I have been following you ever since we met.” Rhys explained
Serenity was amazed. Normally when men follow her, they get eaten alive by the sea monsters or shot out of sea by other sky ships. She was honored to have a man so dedicated to chase after her, and not just for her vessel.
“I am honored, Captain Rhys. You have guts like a pirate, but what is it that you want from me?” Serenity asked, as she sheathed her blade.
“I want you…I love you, Serenity.” Rhys confessed.
“What? You’re…your serious?” Serenity was stunned.
Rhys walked closer to the pirate captain; Serenity started to blush from how close Rhys got to her. The two started to slow dance on the deck of the Alvington, as the crew of both Serenity’s ship and Rhys ship watched them. It was that day, when the chase for the sky pirate finally ended; Rhys had his pirate, and he was never going to let her go ever again.
“I love you too…Captain Rhys. I love you too…” Serenity mused.

Quote is from Avatar: The Last Airbender…


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