“Sir, permisson to beat the crap out of this man?!”

Sitting on the bus

As my life moves on, and things finally come into clear view, I see how God works in my life and in others lives too. Understanding that things happen for a reason, and praying for them to get better really works; God works wonders. When finding out that a certain situation that was haunting you, and bugging you, was just a misunderstanding, that’s when you praise God for His amazing work. Life is a troubled thing, we see the bad in things all the time,and never the good. We tend to focus on what’s going to happen next, than seeking God for guidance in all things. But we don’t, so we sit in a pit of despair (Princess Bride reference) and get the life sucked out of us, thinking and worrying if ISIS is coming to America or if the gay and homosexual agenda will ruin the modern family (which it has). Whatever it may be, God has His hand on it, and is leading us down each path He for ordained us to be on. Worrying about that path, will only make us crippled and psychotic, forgetting God and His sovereignty and only making an idol of other things.

Making idols because we forget about God, is very unhealthy. It effects your thought process, your speech and your lifestyle. Bad. Bad voodoo. It’s like folding your cards during a poker game, and you walk away with squat. Bad. But if you go back to focusing on God, come back from the screwed path that you fell down to, you realize that what was before you is way better than what you desired. The path God put us on it not for you to just stare at it, and put off walking down it, its for you to follow it, and listen to what God has for you. We are part of the great covenant of God, just like Abraham, Issac and Jacob were before us. When were are of that covenant, it’s the most glorious and exquisite thing in the whole world. Being hugged by God when you loose your way, is the greatest feeling.

Its our job as Christians to show that to others, to let them know that God isn’t the bad guy, He’s the mediator in our lives. He guides us, heals us and fixes us. How amazing is that!? God is like The Force, but even better. He is the Master Jedi, the Time Lord, and the Mighty Avenger in our lives. Always there, always sovereign, always watching :). Without Him, our lives would be puddles of muck, and meaningless, but when He picks us up we are made new creations. Praise the Lord for that!!


Hope your life is filled with the simplicity of the Holy Spirit and His Grace!!

(2 Tim 1:7)

Quote is from SG-1. O’Niell at his best as always!


Quote of the Day

“Darkness must pass, a new day will come. And when it does, it will shine all the clearer.” J.R.R. Tolkien, Samwise the Brave.

“The lights are on, but nobody’s home…”


You know that saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade“, well sometimes when life gives us those lemons, we tend to throw them back at people. But instead of throwing lemons, we throw words around; we get upset, and we break. Things like death, being stressed, and being lied to, can surely cause words to be thrown around. Our words are like lemons. Their sour and bitter against those who’ve hurt us, who nudged us the wrong way or just plain being alive (I’m being metaphorical). Why are we like that? Why are we humans bitter like lemons to people? Is it that we can’t take truth or that we just don’t want to listen to their own opinions about politics? The answer is plain and simple: pride. Pride is a what gets us in between the sour and then bitter parts of throwing lemons; I’m preaching this to myself as well.

Don’t you think that being prideful is what makes us unsociable with other people? I mean, for example, I tend to make friends who like and enjoy the same geeky stuff as I do. Is that prideful, yes and no, depends on how you portray it. But l shouldn’t be choosing my friends by my standards, and being prideful about finding someone who is like me. There we go again, throwing lemons, being bitter. We as humans can’t seem to cease being sour and bitter to others, and that’s why we have a caring God to help us with that. God can help us with being sour, bitter and more importantly prideful in our speech and actions. (1 Cor 10:31) With Him by our side, we won’t need to throw lemons anymore, we’ll be able to make delicious lemonade and be positive.

As I come to a close of this post, I wanted to tell you guys that read my blog, that I have been undergoing some anxiety and depression issues. Some of it has to with a person, and other is just mental and emotional things. So just keep me in prayer as I deal with these things on a daily basis. Also I need to remember that God is Sovereign over all and that worrying is bad…for my health and mind.

Goodnight guys, and wake up refreshed by the breath God gives you each morning of your life ☺


Quote is from Stargate SG-1. O’Neil is the greatest leader and the most uplifting guy on the team…

“Foofoocuddlypoops, Aang. Aang, Foofoocuddlypoops.”


Anxiety, Nervousness, Depression, and Worrisome. All these things tell a story about me, and about many other people. Each of these ‘disorders’ comes with symptoms, and each symptoms cause us to shut down, throw up or sleep. For the next few days, I will be talking about how we as a people, mainly females, can deal with each of these ‘disorders’.

Today, I am going to talk and explain to you about Anxiety. Anxiety is something that only occurs in the mind, meaning Anxiety happens when one thinks about something that will happen in the future. Sometimes anxiety also makes us feel sick to our stomach, restlessness and not wanting to leave the house. Each of these, I have dealt with and continue to deal with on a regular basis. For the longest time, I was a perfectly normal child without these symptoms and problems in my thinking process. But once I got older (and lots of vaccines) I begin to have trouble sleeping, every other day nausea, and tremors. Then it got me thinking more about what I truly have, and it came down to Anxiety. It took a lot of Google searches and consulting my parents to finally come to a conclusion of Anxiety. With this ‘disorder’ life has been hard to explain to others and so was telling people how I was feeling on a regular basis as well.

Anxiety attacks. These are evil! Anxiety attacks are like trying to stop thinking about the future or people, but you can’t, so thus your stuck in a constant stage of nausea and tremors. It sucks, and trying to go to sleep with these symptoms sucks as well. The attacks, like I’ve said, only happen in the mental state, then the rest becomes physical and sometimes spiritual if you let it. Anxiety comes in all sort of sizes, big, little and maybe not at all. The best way to beat such a thing, is through prayer and counseling (I don’t do counseling btw). Let’s just say prayer is more efficient than counseling, because your in the presence of God, and that’s more important than someone telling you that you’ve got major problems in your life.

Now you know what Anxiety is and what its like to endure something like it. People tell me to be a peace with myself, but being a teenage girl and so on and so forth, its kinda difficult to sit a be at peace. Anxiety is like a sickness that only you and you alone can fight. God is the benefactor, so why think that you are the fighter, when He should be the one to fight the anxiety for you.

I try…I really do… Its…just hard…ya know having anxiety…
Have a nice day guys :3

Quote is from Avatar: The Last Airbender

“I’m distracting you, you big turd blossom.”


Have you ever wondered why people lie? I mean really sit down and wonder. It makes you think: Why? Why do people lie to you? Is it to protect you, or is it just to make you mad and upset? Nobody really knows why anymore, because nobody asks.

Ever since I left my old church, and departed from the membership, I lost trust in people. Not because of the teachings or what I learned from the Scriptures, but from the people who attended, who lied to my face and to my family’s face. Then it hit me; I began to hate people who lie. From that hate, it took me a long time to make friends and trust people again. From my realization, I came to find out why people lie to others; protection. Remember how I said it took me a while to make friends? Well when I made a new friend after my ordeal with leaving my old church, I was still weary with being friends with someone that my trust wasn’t high enough with this new found friend. But I found out that later on the future, that one friend…well she was lying to me the whole time. She wants the friend I thought she was, thus I felt lied to again. See what mean? We lie to protect ourselves from begin judged or so people don’t know who you really are. Again why?

The Lord says “Let your yes be a yes and your no a no.” Why bother with lying to someone, when you can easily tell the truth from the beginning? Your just gonna dig yourself a coffin sized hole for yourself. Lying makes you look fake, it shows that you don’t care or don’t wish to care. If lying to people makes you feel good, then your in deep sin. Because once you sin, and you get that feeling of sinning all the time…then sorry mate, your stuck. This subject is fragile to me, because of what I’ve dealt with. So it was best for me to talk about it and explain why a girl like myself who has more problems than ‘trust issues‘. If you get offended by what I said, I’m perfectly protected by then 2nd Amendment for what I said and plus its my personal opinion. Hope you guys have a good day, and stay warm my fellow Ohioans;)

Quote is from Guardians of the Galaxy

“I told you, Swan. I’m a survivor.”


Happy New Year from your fun loving fangirl and writer!! As the new year rolls in we remind ourselves what we gained and lost in the last year; something I know personally from experience. For as long as we live out our days we are constantly changed and moved by what happens in our daily life. Death, birth, hurt, happiness, etc. But what we don’t do on a daily basis is put God in charge of our lives, our each passing moments through our days. We need to remember, that even though its another year to live, we still need to be prepared to leave this world when that day comes. Not to sound morbid…

The other day, I asked my pirate what his new year resolutions were, his answer was perfect. He said that instead of taking a whole year to make resolutions, why not new day resolutions? Then I asked myself that as well, why not a new day resolution? Well because, we take on life day by day and month by month, so its easier to make resolutions than just waiting after ever end of the year to do them. Sounds lame if you ask me. But what my pirate said was true, we as human beings on this earth need to take the time to make what we have count and take on life little by little each day. Its what makes us warriors.


Since 2014 is over and I regret ever stupid thing I’ve done to people, I look back at it and say, “God had a purpose for that happening.” I lost two friends this past year, I lost my great grandmother this past year, but in the end we learn the grief is okay and that loosing someone is okay. After this year ended, I reflected on the things I gained, and I am very proud of how grown up I am and smart as well. God has truly blessed me, and I am greatly happy to have the things in my life and the amazing people too.

I pray that you guys have a great year, and be faithful and glorify the Lord each day. Remember God is in control and He’s got your back no matter what the heck happens. 🙂

Quote is from none other than Once Upon a Time