“I told you, Swan. I’m a survivor.”


Happy New Year from your fun loving fangirl and writer!! As the new year rolls in we remind ourselves what we gained and lost in the last year; something I know personally from experience. For as long as we live out our days we are constantly changed and moved by what happens in our daily life. Death, birth, hurt, happiness, etc. But what we don’t do on a daily basis is put God in charge of our lives, our each passing moments through our days. We need to remember, that even though its another year to live, we still need to be prepared to leave this world when that day comes. Not to sound morbid…

The other day, I asked my pirate what his new year resolutions were, his answer was perfect. He said that instead of taking a whole year to make resolutions, why not new day resolutions? Then I asked myself that as well, why not a new day resolution? Well because, we take on life day by day and month by month, so its easier to make resolutions than just waiting after ever end of the year to do them. Sounds lame if you ask me. But what my pirate said was true, we as human beings on this earth need to take the time to make what we have count and take on life little by little each day. Its what makes us warriors.


Since 2014 is over and I regret ever stupid thing I’ve done to people, I look back at it and say, “God had a purpose for that happening.” I lost two friends this past year, I lost my great grandmother this past year, but in the end we learn the grief is okay and that loosing someone is okay. After this year ended, I reflected on the things I gained, and I am very proud of how grown up I am and smart as well. God has truly blessed me, and I am greatly happy to have the things in my life and the amazing people too.

I pray that you guys have a great year, and be faithful and glorify the Lord each day. Remember God is in control and He’s got your back no matter what the heck happens. šŸ™‚

Quote is from none other than Once Upon a Time


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