“I’m distracting you, you big turd blossom.”


Have you ever wondered why people lie? I mean really sit down and wonder. It makes you think: Why? Why do people lie to you? Is it to protect you, or is it just to make you mad and upset? Nobody really knows why anymore, because nobody asks.

Ever since I left my old church, and departed from the membership, I lost trust in people. Not because of the teachings or what I learned from the Scriptures, but from the people who attended, who lied to my face and to my family’s face. Then it hit me; I began to hate people who lie. From that hate, it took me a long time to make friends and trust people again. From my realization, I came to find out why people lie to others; protection. Remember how I said it took me a while to make friends? Well when I made a new friend after my ordeal with leaving my old church, I was still weary with being friends with someone that my trust wasn’t high enough with this new found friend. But I found out that later on the future, that one friend…well she was lying to me the whole time. She wants the friend I thought she was, thus I felt lied to again. See what mean? We lie to protect ourselves from begin judged or so people don’t know who you really are. Again why?

The Lord says “Let your yes be a yes and your no a no.” Why bother with lying to someone, when you can easily tell the truth from the beginning? Your just gonna dig yourself a coffin sized hole for yourself. Lying makes you look fake, it shows that you don’t care or don’t wish to care. If lying to people makes you feel good, then your in deep sin. Because once you sin, and you get that feeling of sinning all the time…then sorry mate, your stuck. This subject is fragile to me, because of what I’ve dealt with. So it was best for me to talk about it and explain why a girl like myself who has more problems than ‘trust issues‘. If you get offended by what I said, I’m perfectly protected by then 2nd Amendment for what I said and plus its my personal opinion. Hope you guys have a good day, and stay warm my fellow Ohioans;)

Quote is from Guardians of the Galaxy


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