“Foofoocuddlypoops, Aang. Aang, Foofoocuddlypoops.”


Anxiety, Nervousness, Depression, and Worrisome. All these things tell a story about me, and about many other people. Each of these ‘disorders’ comes with symptoms, and each symptoms cause us to shut down, throw up or sleep. For the next few days, I will be talking about how we as a people, mainly females, can deal with each of these ‘disorders’.

Today, I am going to talk and explain to you about Anxiety. Anxiety is something that only occurs in the mind, meaning Anxiety happens when one thinks about something that will happen in the future. Sometimes anxiety also makes us feel sick to our stomach, restlessness and not wanting to leave the house. Each of these, I have dealt with and continue to deal with on a regular basis. For the longest time, I was a perfectly normal child without these symptoms and problems in my thinking process. But once I got older (and lots of vaccines) I begin to have trouble sleeping, every other day nausea, and tremors. Then it got me thinking more about what I truly have, and it came down to Anxiety. It took a lot of Google searches and consulting my parents to finally come to a conclusion of Anxiety. With this ‘disorder’ life has been hard to explain to others and so was telling people how I was feeling on a regular basis as well.

Anxiety attacks. These are evil! Anxiety attacks are like trying to stop thinking about the future or people, but you can’t, so thus your stuck in a constant stage of nausea and tremors. It sucks, and trying to go to sleep with these symptoms sucks as well. The attacks, like I’ve said, only happen in the mental state, then the rest becomes physical and sometimes spiritual if you let it. Anxiety comes in all sort of sizes, big, little and maybe not at all. The best way to beat such a thing, is through prayer and counseling (I don’t do counseling btw). Let’s just say prayer is more efficient than counseling, because your in the presence of God, and that’s more important than someone telling you that you’ve got major problems in your life.

Now you know what Anxiety is and what its like to endure something like it. People tell me to be a peace with myself, but being a teenage girl and so on and so forth, its kinda difficult to sit a be at peace. Anxiety is like a sickness that only you and you alone can fight. God is the benefactor, so why think that you are the fighter, when He should be the one to fight the anxiety for you.

I try…I really do… Its…just hard…ya know having anxiety…
Have a nice day guys :3

Quote is from Avatar: The Last Airbender


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