“Sir, permisson to beat the crap out of this man?!”

Sitting on the bus

As my life moves on, and things finally come into clear view, I see how God works in my life and in others lives too. Understanding that things happen for a reason, and praying for them to get better really works; God works wonders. When finding out that a certain situation that was haunting you, and bugging you, was just a misunderstanding, that’s when you praise God for His amazing work. Life is a troubled thing, we see the bad in things all the time,and never the good. We tend to focus on what’s going to happen next, than seeking God for guidance in all things. But we don’t, so we sit in a pit of despair (Princess Bride reference) and get the life sucked out of us, thinking and worrying if ISIS is coming to America or if the gay and homosexual agenda will ruin the modern family (which it has). Whatever it may be, God has His hand on it, and is leading us down each path He for ordained us to be on. Worrying about that path, will only make us crippled and psychotic, forgetting God and His sovereignty and only making an idol of other things.

Making idols because we forget about God, is very unhealthy. It effects your thought process, your speech and your lifestyle. Bad. Bad voodoo. It’s like folding your cards during a poker game, and you walk away with squat. Bad. But if you go back to focusing on God, come back from the screwed path that you fell down to, you realize that what was before you is way better than what you desired. The path God put us on it not for you to just stare at it, and put off walking down it, its for you to follow it, and listen to what God has for you. We are part of the great covenant of God, just like Abraham, Issac and Jacob were before us. When were are of that covenant, it’s the most glorious and exquisite thing in the whole world. Being hugged by God when you loose your way, is the greatest feeling.

Its our job as Christians to show that to others, to let them know that God isn’t the bad guy, He’s the mediator in our lives. He guides us, heals us and fixes us. How amazing is that!? God is like The Force, but even better. He is the Master Jedi, the Time Lord, and the Mighty Avenger in our lives. Always there, always sovereign, always watching :). Without Him, our lives would be puddles of muck, and meaningless, but when He picks us up we are made new creations. Praise the Lord for that!!


Hope your life is filled with the simplicity of the Holy Spirit and His Grace!!

(2 Tim 1:7)

Quote is from SG-1. O’Niell at his best as always!


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