“The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.”

Friends forever

People enjoy living in the past, always focusing on what their lives were like back in the day. Our lives that were in the past isn’t something we should focus on, it’s not healthy, especially if what we focus on is bad. Doing that only causes you and others around you to hold grudges; that’s not good at all. How is that godly? How can you sleep at night? If you dwell on past events that others caused against you, how are you being Christlike? All your doing is ruining someone’s life, and tearing down their character.

When something new happens in their life, and it includes someone that they no longer trust, they hold a grudge towards them. Why? If they solved whatever problem they had with you already, then why hold a grudge against them? Why hate them for the rest of your life? All your doing is making someone the enemy, when in reality they are not. Christ calls us to love your enemy as yourself, and to not let the sun go down on our anger; are we doing that when we hold grudges against people? Or are we making the situation worse when there is already enough water under the bridge?

Both holding grudges and living in the past go together. Each hold a specific way to lead someone to focus on themselves and what they want, than focusing on what Christ wants. Also it builds up pride and hatred towards your neighbor as well; that’s bad. I don’t like people who think that everything that happens now, will end up like what happened in the past. Because just so you know, your not in control of your life, God’s in control. God doesn’t like seeing hatred towards your neighbor, just for one small thing someone did. Whether they hurt a family member, stopped being friends with someone etc. It doesn’t matter, God can fix it, He can solve any problem.

So please, if you dislike someone because of past events, hurt, or even out of anger, just move on and forget about it. You can’t solve it, and neither can the other person. If you hate that person, pray for them, pray that they get better in life and follow Christ again. Grudges ruin you, families, friends and most importantly future relationships. Enough with the hate, more with the love…

*Steps off soap box and walks away*

Quote is from Kung Fu Panda. Nick, my brother, quotes this on a regular occasion and it has stayed with me for a long time.


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