“Daniel, I’m gonna pass out again, okay…”

Avatar: the Last Airbender (haha, Iroh makes the best faces!)

Well I am still alive after a very long and sleepless week. We had baby goats born, and saved them from freezing to death; that’s a accomplishment 😉 So I’ll tell ya what other things happened while I was ‘gone’.

>>>>Almost done with Avatar: The Last Airbender<<<<

>>>>Battling a cold still<<<<

>>>>baby goats<<<<

>>>>unfortunately snow<<<<

>>>>Captain Hook…<<<<

>>>>Tea and Coffee<<<<

>>>>Talking to my Pirate<<<<

>>>>SG-1 marathons<<<<

>>>>Almost done with OUAT<<<<

>>>>Getting a chance to play Mass Effect 2<<<<

>>>>writing <3<<<<

Quote is from SG-1, episode: The Devil We Know. This episode was feels overload…


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