“All magic comes with a price, dearie!”


~Spoilers Sweetie~

The week is coming to a close, and that means more time to watch my shows and hang out with my best friends. Saturday my church is showing my new favorite movie ever; Big Hero 6. This movie is feels overload and it’ll make you think as well.

Hiro Harmada is a fourteen year old brainy kid who has a passion for robotics and fighting with them. But when his older brother Tadashii brings him to his ‘nerd school’, Hiro gets inspired and wants to attend his school/college after his brother shows him Baymax. So in order for Hiro to attend such school/college, he has to make something for the open house and wow the audience in the process.

With the help of Tadashii’s school friends: Wasabi, Go-Go, Honey Lemon and Fred. Hiro accomplished his goal to attend the school, or so he thought… As Tadashii and Hiro were having a victory talk, a fire starts at the school auditorium, and Tadashii runs in to save the Professor, eventually killing him and the Professor in the fire.

As weeks and months passed, Hiro goes through states of depression of the lose of his big brother and shuts out people around him. Honey Lemon and the others try to reach out to him, but it fails. But…when Hiro stubs his toe on his desk, and Baymax appears and comforts Hiro and tries to help him with the lose of Tadashii.

Further along in the movie, we found out the Professor was actually alive and pretending to be some villain in a kibooki mask. His main intention was to get his daughter back from this Stargate portal thing, after a failed experiment. Hiro’s anger gets the best of him and he orders Baymax to ‘kill’ the professor for leaving his brother in the burning auditorium to die. But he realizes that anger isn’t the answer for the solution to their problem, so the team figure stop the Processed and get his daughter out of the Stargate portal.

At the very end, Hiro looses Baymax in the portal, and goes back to a depressions state. But this time, his friends help him and he !makes a new Baymax, thus Hiro is satisfied with his care once again.


Quote is from Once Upon A Time. Rumpelstiltskin’s famous line.


“And that’s what I think about it. What about you, Jack?”


Give me one reason to live without Him
Give me one reason to walk away
I know you don’t understand this feeling
How can I show
That He is the reason I have to let you go
ZOEgirl: Give Me One Reason
When things happen in our lives, such as a guy breaking up with you, sick family members or animals getting out. It’s best for us to connect with God more, each day, because even through trial and tribulation, we can still run to God for comfort.  My week has been full of trials. God surely tested me and my walk with Him, and I found out that I had some specks of dirt in my heart that needed to be cleaned out.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…
Christ can deliver us from those trials that we face, we just need to man/woman up and confess them to Him, than moping about it. That’s the whole part of being a Christian; if we face those trials head on, then we can get closer and closer to God through that trial. Your rod and staff protect me, comfort me. If we end up getting hurt during those trials, then God gives us a hug; protecting us from those trials and telling us to look to Him more.
As humans, we just want to hid under a rock and never come out after dealing with a life full of trials. But why should we hid? We have a family who loves us, friends who care and a God who saved us. All those things should keep us from becoming Eeyore for the rest of our lives… If we bulk up to the trials, then we know that Satan can’t beat us, and that God is more triumphant.
So look to God for His help, then trying to solve it yourself. God is sovereign over our lives, and even though we fail, we can be easily picked back up and renewed again. You can’t prove your worth towards other people, because He already knows how much your worth no matter what your dealing with.
Proving your worth
Just…life live to the fullest for God’s glory…
Quote is from SG-1. A Ground Hog day episode…nuff said.

“Colonel O’Niell, what do you think your doing?!” “In the middle of my back swing, sir!!”

Travel thru the Pines

We all stumbled down the path of darkness, and sometimes we even stay there for quite a while. As we wallow in the darkness that we allow to consume us, we forget who God is and what He’s doing in our lives. Our faith is tested and jumbled around; we then want to give up on ourselves and God altogether. In my book: Darkness Within, Anya goes through her own darkness, as she takes on the responsibility of heroine of Scadava. She battles warfare with Nathaniel, Jaribenn and now Jethro by her side. Here I will give you my third chapter of my book that I finally finished the other day.

Chapter 3

Ready or Not?

I rose from my bed the next morning and came to see Nathaniel sitting at my little table drinking some tea; I was completely embarrassed, because I was still in my night gown. He stared at me, as a smile spread across his face.
“I think I’m getting quite use to seeing you in your night gown, Anya.” Nathaniel flirted.
“That’s nice… For an elf, I wasn’t sure you’d master the art of ‘flirting’. Seems like you have, bravo.” I clapped.
“No time for sarcasm, Anya, even if I enjoy it.” Nathaniel smirked.
He was right, I needed to pack, and probably get dressed also. Need to get Nathaniel out of my chambers.
“Look, as much as I enjoy your presence, you need to leave.” I said with a side grin.
“Need to respect your privacy.” Nathaniel said, and left my chambers.
Soon as I was half way done with my packing, Lord Jaribenn came into my chambers and asked me a question.
“Anya, I came to ask you if I can accompany you on your journey to save Scadava.” Jaribenn asked.
“Shouldn’t you be running this castle? Besides I think you getting killed is a bad idea that is if you get killed” I joked.
Jaribenn glared at me; he knew that dying wasn’t a fear of his. He wanted to assist, and staying in his castle for days on end wouldn’t be assisting, so Jaribenn was coming with us. I finished my packing; the two of us began walking out of the castle, and into the courtyard where Nathaniel was waiting. He was packing up the horses, when he saw Jaribenn striding along side me.
“Were bringing the fool along with us?” Nathaniel questioned.
“Unlike you, he asked to come along” I sassed.
“Anya, I don’t think bringing along the ruler of Malkvair with us is a wise choice.” Nathaniel warned me.
“Nathaniel,” I said touching his shoulders, “it will be fine, I promise.”
The horses were packed, and the three of us began our journey on the outskirts of castle Malkvair and into the large forest. As we left the castle it became smaller and smaller behind us; I still had a doubting feeling in the pit of stomach telling me that I won’t succeed in saving Scadava. When Lord Jaribenn read the Ancient Words, I felt excitement overwhelm me, but now, now I feel like I probably will fail such a task at hand.
“Anya, are you alright?” Nathaniel asked me.
“Yes…I am quite fine.” I answered him.
“Alright, but if you need me, just yell.” Nathaniel said.
Soon silence came over us as we grew closer towards the entrance of The Forest of Peace; Jaribenn, who has never left his own room, started to panic from being gone too long from the castle. While as for me, I was alert but yet calm at the same time; the smells and the feeling of the warm air on my body was enough to make me live out here. Nathaniel stopped his horse in front of me and stared at me; I wasn’t paying any attention until Jaribenn said something.
“Anya, I do believe the elf wishes to speak.” Jaribenn made a smirk.
“Yes, Nathaniel, what is it?” I asked.
“Night is falling fast; I suggest we break for camp, so the goblins don’t find us.” Nathaniel suggested, as he got off his horse.
I looked over at Jaribenn to see if he agrees with such suggestion. The lord nods, and the two of us get off our horses simultaneously; I tie mine to a tree. Nathaniel unpacks our supplies and began setting up all of our tents in a small patch of grass.
“No, no, no! You’re doing it all wrong elf, here let me help.” Jaribenn stated.
“I don’t need your help, foolish man! I can handle putting up a tent by myself.” Nathaniel hissed.
Rolling my eyes, I walk past them and down to a nearby stream so I could refresh myself a little bit. The two were still arguing over the preparation of the came, and giving away our position; men will be men. Taking off my rugged clothes, I entered the stream and began cleaning and soothing myself for a good nights rest. As stood in the stream, I thought about this whole ordeal; saving Scadava is hard for one person to grasp. These thoughts scared me. The fact that I was put on this journey through what the Ancient Words said, doesn’t mean I will fulfill it right? Why me? I’m just an ordinary girl…I’m not special. While I thought over about these words rambling in my head, the voices of Nathaniel and Jaribenn were emerging behind me, yelling about the camp and how it should be set up.
“No you fool! That’s not correct at all. Who taught you how to put up a tent, a cow?!” Nathaniel exclaimed.
“A cow, is that what you think of me, elf?” Jaribenn roared.
“Yes, actually that is what I think of you.” Nathaniel roared back.
Seeing that they were going to continue to bicker like old men, I left the stream and decided to intervene this time. As I reached the two, the camp was a mess and the tents weren’t even put up; children these days.
“Alright, I’ve had enough of your bickering. Look at this mess, look at it!” I yelled.
Nathaniel and Jaribenn paused, turned to look at me, and went back to bickering again. I sighed deeply and stepped in the middle of them, pushing the both of them with each hand, so they would stop slapping each other.
“Would you two just grow up! This journey is a serious matter, and you two are over here acting like complete children.” I growled.
“He didn’t put up the tents correctly!” Nathaniel hissed.
“He called me a bloody cow!” Jaribenn exclaimed.
I grabbed their garbs and brought them up to my face.
“If you two don’t stop acting like grumpy old men and babies, I’ll leave you both out here to die.” I said sharply.
Releasing them, I walked over to my tent and put it up myself without any help, and then I got ready for bed. The men also put their tents up; no bickering or slapping was involved throughout the rest of the evening.


As morning approached, everyone was still asleep and warmly wrapped in their cots. The sun rose over the hillside; it shown through the slits in the tents waking up myself from a deep slumber. I rose from my cot, and stepped onto the cold dirt. Pushing back the opening of the tent, I witnessed the creation of my Heavenly Father all around me. From the birds chirping in the forest, to the sweet breeze brushing on my face, His creation was everywhere.
“Lovely morning isn’t?” a soft voice come from behind me.
“It sure is. God has truly blessed such a land.” I mused, turning to face the voice.
There face to face, was Nathaniel. He was clothed in his tan clothed pants, a sword belt around his waist, and a bare chest. The dirty blonde strains of his hair fell over his shoulders, touching the upper part of his chest, just as the wind blew past him. My face turned hot, as I stood there without words
“Nathaniel…” I looked up at him.
“Yes, Anya? Something wrong?” He asked softly.
I looked around the camp to find something to cover him up, but nothing could be found before me, so I was stuck. Then Jaribenn walked out of his tent, yawning and stretching out his body after a good nights sleep.
“Morning, Anya.” Jaribenn called out.
“Morning, Lord Jaribenn.” I responded.
When I turned back to face Nathaniel, he’d already left. Good. He was really distracting me, there.
“Um, guys, not to alarm anyone but what’s that over the horizon?” Jaribenn pointed out.
I looked out across the horizon, to see what Jaribenn was talking about but the sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t see a thing.
“Jaribenn, the sun be in my eyes. What is this thing you speak of?” I asked covering my eyes with my hand.
“Looks like a human, a very short human actually.” Jaribenn said.
Jaribenn called out to the person but it didn’t answer him, instead it began walking closer and closer towards Jaribenn and the camp. As the person began coming into view, Jaribenn could finally see what it was; it was a stout, hairy dwarf.
“Is this where Anya is?” asked the dwarf in a stern voice.
“Who are you, her protector? From what I am seeing you couldn’t even knock off the head of a goblin!” Jaribenn laughed, with crinkle of his nose.
The dwarf grew angry and knocked Jaribenn to the ground with the blunt part of his axe and started to beat and batter him. He began yelling in agony as the dwarf continues to beat him up.
“What is going on here?” Nathaniel asked sternly, while holding his sword in one hand.
“Elf, help me! This dwarf attacked me for no reason!” Jaribenn whimpers.
“Oh I am sorry, I can’t hear you. What did you say?” Nathaniel smirks.
“Foolish elf, help me!” Jaribenn yells.
I came to the rescue of Jaribenn, and released him for the dwarf’s grip. The dwarf stared at me, then walked over to me and bowed before my feet. Nathaniel and Jaribenn looked at me strangely as the dwarf remained at my feet.
“Please get up, I am not a god.” I grumbled.
He arose to his feet and stood at my waist line. There I was face to face, well more like waist to face with an actual dwarf.
“I am Jethro, leader of the Dwarf army, and sole heir to the kingdom of the cave” he introduced himself.
“Pleasure to meet you, Jethro. I see that you’ve met Jaribenn, but have you met Nathaniel?” I introduced the elf.
The elf walked up to the dwarf, sheathing his sword and talking in his language like they knew each other or something. Jaribenn and I watched in confusion as they carried on their conversation without involving us.
“Um could you two speak human, please!” Jaribenn scowled.
Jethro threw an evil glare at Jaribenn, and ceased his conversation with Nathaniel. He then walked over to the two of us, offering up his long axe to me. I looked at him strangely, and then looked at Nathaniel wondering what I should do.
“I am joining you on this journey. If there be objections, they get the axe.” Jethro arose to his feet.
“Anya, is it wise to bring him along? We don’t even know him, and he did attack me out of the blew. ” Jaribenn asked, pulling me aside away from Nathaniel and Jethro.
“Nonsense, Jaribenn it’s perfectly fine for Jethro to join us, don’t be rude. Besides, I heard you insulted the dwarf.” I said in a snarky voice.
So it was final, Jethro was part of our journey now. Jaribenn grumbled about him coming along, but I assured him that the dwarf was no harm to us. From there we packed up our tents, frying pans, and other belongings from the camp and started to head out towards this place called The Forest of Peace. Before we even got close to the entrance, Jaribenn was already making excuses of not entering. My assumption was that he was frightened to enter such a place; he’s not as brave as he says.
“Do we have to go in there? I mean its sounds exciting, but I’d rather risk my life with the goblins than walking through some peaceful scary forest” he said.
“You’re going to enter that forest whether you die here or not! Understand?!” I commanded.
Once Jaribenn heard that he bulked up and lead the way into the Forest of Peace with Nathaniel, Jethro and I guarding the rear, just in case of unexpected occurrences. Before we even entered the forest, Jethro told us about this old king who use to come and pray at this large tree in the middle of the forest.
“My friends we stand before the entrance of The Forest of Peace. This forest was once given to an old king who lived in Malkvair, and in this forest grew a large tree that had spiritual attributes towards the king, but that’s a legend. I doubt it’s even truth…” Jethro finished with a shrug, and after that information the four of us slowly made our way into the Forest of Peace.

Quote is from SG-1. Jack and Teal‘c were playing golf in the gate room… XD

“Ya know the way he tilts his head and raises his eye brow.”


Closeness with people can be great! You feel comfortable around them and you feel like you can be yourself for once in a while. But sometimes, being close to someone, especially when your together as a couple, can be scary. Why? Well for instance, when a person gets more in tune with someone they desire and need to be close to the other person. It can be scary when that person wants that, wanting to close, but not too close. Closeness comes in different spectrums. There is relationship closeness, family closeness and friendship closeness. These three all have different meanings and regulations to go through when getting the need to be close with someone.  Again, scary.

Friendship. Closeness with friends is a special bond. You can act silly with them, you can be yourself and they wouldn’t care. If you feel bad and don’t want to talk to anyone, their still gonna talk to you no matter what they say. Lying behind your friends back is out of the question. You share things with your friends that you can even share with yourself, and you feel better after you get it out. See, special bond.

Family. This type of closeness is something to expect all the time. You’re with them all the time, and you get the love you need from them. There are always there for you to talk, be goofy with you or to sit and watch a show with. Plus they know you more than your best friends do. Closeness with your friends is way different than family, because your family help you with your walk with Christ. They help you to be on the right path than on the wrong. This closeness is nothing to be afraid of at all.

Relationships. Um, well this closeness it extremely different. I can’t really describe it because, well I’ve never been in a relationship with a boy before so sorry. I can tell that if you miss your other half, you crave their presence beside you all the time. It sucks if your other half is far away, and you can’t do anything about it… Trust me I completely understand. Closeness in this genre is really scary, because you give up personal space with someone, and you also give up your heart as well. See like I said scary…

There is no need to be scared to get close to someone. I mean, opening up your feelings to someone is scary but that shouldn’t stop you. Once you get in tune with someone, you shouldn’t be afraid of that or the closeness you want. We as Christians crave Christ everyday, and drawing close to Him makes us be more like Him and glorifying Him. Pursing Christ’s closeness is something people need to do on a regular basis, same with their family, friends and significant others. So fear for closeness is both ways, whether spiritual or physical. We just need to know that craving physical closeness needs to be occupied all the time and never alone.


So closeness shouldn’t keep you from being friends or starting a relationship, because its going to happen either way. Just Christ needs to be the mediator between the two, then your fears about closeness won’t be scary! *throws confetti* Don’t let your fears for getting close to someone stop you, because letting your fears come over just makes the situation worse. It’ll be okay, trust me. Being close with someone isn’t as hard as you my think. 😉

You guys have a great day, and enjoy the warmer weather!

Quote is from SG-1 of course.

“We can call him, Sparky, Sparky Boom Man!!”


This week has been crazy…and now after all of its calm down, that stress has finally hit me in the face (not literally). Since I am here I’ll tell you about it.

>>>>baby goats again
>>>>Avatar Last Airbender
>>>>Season 2 of The Paradise!!
>>>>more stinking snow…it’s like Narnia here.
>>>>coffee and lots of it.
>>>>talking to my Pirate, and being missed by him.
>>>>I turned 19 yesterday
>>>>Big Hero 6; the feels!!!
>>>chocolate cake
>>>>colorful daises
>>>>the of rain
>>>>and lastly my loving family

Quote is from Avatar: The Last Airbender.