“Ya know the way he tilts his head and raises his eye brow.”


Closeness with people can be great! You feel comfortable around them and you feel like you can be yourself for once in a while. But sometimes, being close to someone, especially when your together as a couple, can be scary. Why? Well for instance, when a person gets more in tune with someone they desire and need to be close to the other person. It can be scary when that person wants that, wanting to close, but not too close. Closeness comes in different spectrums. There is relationship closeness, family closeness and friendship closeness. These three all have different meanings and regulations to go through when getting the need to be close with someone.  Again, scary.

Friendship. Closeness with friends is a special bond. You can act silly with them, you can be yourself and they wouldn’t care. If you feel bad and don’t want to talk to anyone, their still gonna talk to you no matter what they say. Lying behind your friends back is out of the question. You share things with your friends that you can even share with yourself, and you feel better after you get it out. See, special bond.

Family. This type of closeness is something to expect all the time. You’re with them all the time, and you get the love you need from them. There are always there for you to talk, be goofy with you or to sit and watch a show with. Plus they know you more than your best friends do. Closeness with your friends is way different than family, because your family help you with your walk with Christ. They help you to be on the right path than on the wrong. This closeness is nothing to be afraid of at all.

Relationships. Um, well this closeness it extremely different. I can’t really describe it because, well I’ve never been in a relationship with a boy before so sorry. I can tell that if you miss your other half, you crave their presence beside you all the time. It sucks if your other half is far away, and you can’t do anything about it… Trust me I completely understand. Closeness in this genre is really scary, because you give up personal space with someone, and you also give up your heart as well. See like I said scary…

There is no need to be scared to get close to someone. I mean, opening up your feelings to someone is scary but that shouldn’t stop you. Once you get in tune with someone, you shouldn’t be afraid of that or the closeness you want. We as Christians crave Christ everyday, and drawing close to Him makes us be more like Him and glorifying Him. Pursing Christ’s closeness is something people need to do on a regular basis, same with their family, friends and significant others. So fear for closeness is both ways, whether spiritual or physical. We just need to know that craving physical closeness needs to be occupied all the time and never alone.


So closeness shouldn’t keep you from being friends or starting a relationship, because its going to happen either way. Just Christ needs to be the mediator between the two, then your fears about closeness won’t be scary! *throws confetti* Don’t let your fears for getting close to someone stop you, because letting your fears come over just makes the situation worse. It’ll be okay, trust me. Being close with someone isn’t as hard as you my think. 😉

You guys have a great day, and enjoy the warmer weather!

Quote is from SG-1 of course.


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