“And that’s what I think about it. What about you, Jack?”


Give me one reason to live without Him
Give me one reason to walk away
I know you don’t understand this feeling
How can I show
That He is the reason I have to let you go
ZOEgirl: Give Me One Reason
When things happen in our lives, such as a guy breaking up with you, sick family members or animals getting out. It’s best for us to connect with God more, each day, because even through trial and tribulation, we can still run to God for comfort.  My week has been full of trials. God surely tested me and my walk with Him, and I found out that I had some specks of dirt in my heart that needed to be cleaned out.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…
Christ can deliver us from those trials that we face, we just need to man/woman up and confess them to Him, than moping about it. That’s the whole part of being a Christian; if we face those trials head on, then we can get closer and closer to God through that trial. Your rod and staff protect me, comfort me. If we end up getting hurt during those trials, then God gives us a hug; protecting us from those trials and telling us to look to Him more.
As humans, we just want to hid under a rock and never come out after dealing with a life full of trials. But why should we hid? We have a family who loves us, friends who care and a God who saved us. All those things should keep us from becoming Eeyore for the rest of our lives… If we bulk up to the trials, then we know that Satan can’t beat us, and that God is more triumphant.
So look to God for His help, then trying to solve it yourself. God is sovereign over our lives, and even though we fail, we can be easily picked back up and renewed again. You can’t prove your worth towards other people, because He already knows how much your worth no matter what your dealing with.
Proving your worth
Just…life live to the fullest for God’s glory…
Quote is from SG-1. A Ground Hog day episode…nuff said.

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