“All magic comes with a price, dearie!”


~Spoilers Sweetie~

The week is coming to a close, and that means more time to watch my shows and hang out with my best friends. Saturday my church is showing my new favorite movie ever; Big Hero 6. This movie is feels overload and it’ll make you think as well.

Hiro Harmada is a fourteen year old brainy kid who has a passion for robotics and fighting with them. But when his older brother Tadashii brings him to his ‘nerd school’, Hiro gets inspired and wants to attend his school/college after his brother shows him Baymax. So in order for Hiro to attend such school/college, he has to make something for the open house and wow the audience in the process.

With the help of Tadashii’s school friends: Wasabi, Go-Go, Honey Lemon and Fred. Hiro accomplished his goal to attend the school, or so he thought… As Tadashii and Hiro were having a victory talk, a fire starts at the school auditorium, and Tadashii runs in to save the Professor, eventually killing him and the Professor in the fire.

As weeks and months passed, Hiro goes through states of depression of the lose of his big brother and shuts out people around him. Honey Lemon and the others try to reach out to him, but it fails. But…when Hiro stubs his toe on his desk, and Baymax appears and comforts Hiro and tries to help him with the lose of Tadashii.

Further along in the movie, we found out the Professor was actually alive and pretending to be some villain in a kibooki mask. His main intention was to get his daughter back from this Stargate portal thing, after a failed experiment. Hiro’s anger gets the best of him and he orders Baymax to ‘kill’ the professor for leaving his brother in the burning auditorium to die. But he realizes that anger isn’t the answer for the solution to their problem, so the team figure stop the Processed and get his daughter out of the Stargate portal.

At the very end, Hiro looses Baymax in the portal, and goes back to a depressions state. But this time, his friends help him and he !makes a new Baymax, thus Hiro is satisfied with his care once again.


Quote is from Once Upon A Time. Rumpelstiltskin’s famous line.


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