“I can’t loose you too…”

So I’m now obsessed with country music; I use to hate it because it was all about love and romance crap. But once I got past those lyrics, and realized that most of the lyrics were safe and actually decent, I began liking it. There are some artists I hate though *cough cough Jason Aldean* not because of who they are, but what their music is about…all the time. As you can tell, most Country artists either sing about Whiskey, Love and Farm, but mainly its Love and sometimes Sex. I don’t understand why they sing songs like that!? I know its the world but really people? Like Luke Bryan for example. He sings either about Summer Love or Beer. I mean come on, can you sing about anything else, please for heaven’s sake! But again its the world and they always have to throw the worldly things of this day in their songs.

But…there are Christian Country artists like: Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum), Johnny Cash, and Randy Travis. Now they put some worldly things in their songs, but as a person they are Christ-like. Even still we as Christians can still fall short when it comes to music and lyrics, and how we see through then meanings. It’s sad though, because when the media finds out that the artist is either a Conservative or Christian, they lash out against that artist. Like Brad Paisley, he is heavy Conservative and people on the left flipped out when he lashed out against the LGBT at the CMA awards after singing I’m Still a Guy. Now I love Brad, Luke and other artists very much, I just need to be careful when it comes down to their songs and the material in them.

I have a list of my top 10 favorite country songs from multiple artists, so I’ll share them with you for the conclusion of this blog post 🙂

1. Wanted by Hunter Hayes
2. Homegrown by Zac Brown Band
3. When the Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney
4. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood
5. I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice
6. Rollercoaster by Luke Bryan
7. Play it Again by Luke Bryan
8. Perfect Storm by Brad Paisley
9. Travilin’ Soilder by Dixie Chicks
10. Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae

Quote is from Once Upon a Time. Emma doesn’t want to loose Hook after she just lost Neal…



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