“She’s melting.” “Maybe we should be looking for ruby slippers.”

As I grew older, telling people what my personal belief was in Christ, was difficult in so many ways. But now that I’m close to being an adult, I find it easier and a lot more manageable to talk about around other adults and teens. My faith and what I believe is different than most people would think in the SBC or other Baptist sects, but it’s not just my religious belief; there’s other things that go along with that. So, since I have the time to sit and tell you fellow readers about my beliefs, I shall tell slash describe them to you.


John Calvin, a former French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation, also the founder of Calvinism too. Calvin spoke of different doctrine of faith from what the normal Baptist teachings would say. He, later on in his life, initiated the Christian theology of Calvinism. This has five points to it: Total Depravity (Original Sin), Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of The Saints (Once Saved always saved). All these points describe what I and my family believes, and bases our decisions on each day. To some, mainly the SBC, think that Calvinism is not true and that there was no such thing as original sin.

Now I use to be a Baptist, but after leaving my past church, my father started teaching Calvinism to us as a family. Thus we started to grow more into the doctrinal teachings of Calvinism, and became Calvinist; great huh! But besides these points, and teachings, there are other things that I as my own person believe in. The Three P’s, that Voddie Baucham talks about for a good husband and what not. (I’ll be getting to that later…)

On top of my belief in Calvinism, I also have a few things about Free Will. I, as a Christian, do not believe it is our choice to ask Christ as our Lord and Savior. Why, you ask? It’s simple, were sinners. We’re depraved creatures, who do not have the right to ask for God’s help, because in reality we don’t want His help. This is why Christ calls us to be His follows, not us choosing Him to follow Him; I know its confusing, but meh.

Next subject…


Now pay attention young men, for this subject is very important to any of you who are interested in me.

As you may know, I don’t do the whole dating thing. Nope. I think it’s a waste of time and stupid to even get to know someone like that. Because you’re always alone with that person, and sometimes things will get out of whack, thus leaves you with emotions everywhere. That’s called infatuation. It doesn’t matter how, or what you call it, it is what it is; infatuation.

For a while, I thought having a boyfriend was lame and not very exciting, but getting older I found that a need for a boyfriend was something I craved most. My crave was pathetic. Stupid in fact. For someone like me, who has been raised on no dating, craved for someone in their life. How lame is that. But once I realized that God is sovereign and the great provider, I just gave up on this crave. Although, liking boys isn’t a problem, I can do that if I wanted to; I just keep the crushes I have to a minimal level so I don’t break my own heart.

I am not a normal teenager/young adult, who gets all tangled up into boys like some teen girls. It’s not worth my time to spend every waking hour to always think about whatever guy I like. Exhausting, isn’t it? Anyways, getting to the point of this subject finally. Dating is a non-biblical way to find a future mate, because you go through guys like a chicken goes through corn. I don’t think going through guys is the greatest way to find a guy, the right guy that is, more importantly a Man of God. So, I was taught the ways of Courtship, the ways Jane Austen did and Elizabeth Bennet did. But courtship is not what you think it is, let’s just say it way better than dating multiple guys. Courtship is this: Dating with a chaperone, and with a biblical purpose. Parents are always involved in the relationship and so is Christ. Preparing for marriage as well.

So when guys start to get interested in me and in a romantic way, they get the load down of what I believe and so on. Does it give up my hope of finding someone? Um, sort of, but I am not worried about it really. Having a fancy for a young boy is nice; it  just gets old. You know what I’m saying? Courting someone means you have the intentions of marrying that person, whoever it may be in the future. Like Jason, he courted this young lady he met, and now their engaged; God was the center of this relationship guys. See, every guy need to be like my good friend Jason: Having God on their side through a relationship, and seeking wisdom from Him.

That’s where the three P’s come into play as well. Voddie Baucham has taught that a good future husband must have certain requirements for their future wives, and I know just what they are.

Prophet/Priest – Being the spiritual leader of the house is very important when wanting to start a family. Thus why when someone approaches you and asks to court you, his relationship with Christ needs to be strong.

Provider – Being there for your future mate is extremely important. You as a man of the house have to provide the wife and possibly children with the necessities they need. The future wife will also need the man to build her up in Christ when she felt like she lost her way.

Protector – Being the strength and the sole protector of your home. It’s the man’s job to protect his wife, his children and his beliefs. Your suppose to stand up and protect your family/life from those who would hurt them and you in whatever stake it maybe.

There you have it, my belief in relationship statues. It may sound lame to the average non-believer, but screw you, I like it and it saves me from heart break.

Next subject!


I have a thing for goth and emo stuff (not the creepy things). Hot Topic is my favorite store in the mall, and it has the coolest clothes in there. Now, some of the clothing that I wear on a regular basis is either black, dark purple or grey; no bright colors. Also I enjoy Christian hard rock (mainly Nine Lashes Sent by Ravens), but my attitude has no relation towards many emo or goth teens. My liking for it is very quiet, because there are some who dislike goth and emo teens, but I think that they need to be reached out to and preach the gospel.

On top of the whole emo/goth thing, I suffer from anxiety and depression. Now, I’ve spoken on this subject before but it wasn’t very factual or correct. You see, my anxiety triggers when loud noises occur, events that happen in the future come, when bad things happen and other things. But there are things that can keep from freaking out and shaking, homeopathic remedies. Lavender oil, Arsenicum and Peppermint oil. These three things keep me from throwing up, having trouble sleeping and cease me from shaking on a regular basis.

As of my depression, now that’s different from anxiety. Depression brings up past things or words from the deepest part of you mind and let you dwell on them. Thus you start hiding away from people and avoid all contact from friends and also family too. (Some of that is introvertness.) Another as to why I wear black sometimes… But, I’ve gotten better with it, there are just somethings that bring up these two things and cause me to hide away. Other than that, I am what God has created me to be, and that is His child.
End of debriefing and my longest blog post ever. Y’all have a nice weekend, I know I’ll try to do so… *salutes*

Quote is from Castle. Yes, I have finally gotten into this show, and I love it 🙂



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