“I aim to misbehave!”

Here be my book. I know some have been wanting to read this, so I have finally decided to post it on my blog. I have edited this many times, over and over again. I surely hope that the grammar is okay and it doesn’t sound too lame… So, I present to you: The Darkness Within; Chapter 1: A Stranger with a Message.

It was a brisk morning in Malkvair; I was asleep in my bed dreaming up far off lands where maybe one day I might go, but that dream was delayed by an angry knock upon my door. I was very frightened, so I leaped from my bed to answer the door. There before me was a man dressed in black and brown leather standing in the hall full of anger; it was Jaribenn’s twin brother, Garth. Garth has a distasteful hatred towards me, and what I believe; he has wanted to get rid of me ever since I lived here.
“Guards take her to the dungeon! Wait till my brother returns to deal with this filth!” he roared.
I felt confused; I had no clue as to what was going on and why Garth was in my chambers. So I stood up to him, asking why he was in my chambers and taking me captive.
“What have I done to you?” I asked.
Garth faced me and gave me a glare full of fire but never answering me, so the guards left my room and struggled to bring me to the dungeon. I still didn’t know why I was being put in there in the first place; it all seemed rather…odd. Just as the guards reached the dungeons, and I saw Garth’s brother standing in the corridor talking to one of his servants.
“Lord Jaribenn has only a few weeks til…” murmured the servant.
From where I was, that was all I could here, till the guards threw me into my cell. So I sat in my cell pondering on what the servant was mumbling about to the lord; I also still wondered why I was in the dungeon and not given and food, drink. As the hours passed on, I questioned myself as to if I’ll ever get out of this cell or yet live to tell the story. Seeing that I had nothing else to do, besides draw in the dirt beneath me, I began to pray for my release and for some food as well.
  ‘O my Heavenly Father help me in this time as I waste away in this cell, for I have nothing and I don’t believe I will escape this horror. I praise for your mighty works and I know you will help. I thank ye, Amen!’
Then suddenly out of brisk desperation, one of Lord Jaribenn’s servants came to get me and take me to Lord Jaribenn’s court.
“My Lord Jaribenn wishes to speak to you” a guard said holding me up.
I looked at the guard, but didn’t say anything as I followed him to the great hall where Lord Jaribenn resided. The hall was decorated with many ancestry portraits and several valuable treasures from across the realms. Before we could enter, Garth had to inspect me…


When entering the lord’s court room, Jaribenn was consuming a pint of ale and writing on a special paper, as he was doing that one of the guards threw me on my knees.
“Bow before Lord Jaribenn” the guard bellowed.
I looked up at Lord Jaribenn; he was young man with dark hair and green eye. His face was perfection in every way, and his smile just said it all. Next to Jaribenn was his brother, Garth. Garth and Jaribenn were twin, but not identical. Garth had blonde hair and Jaribenn had black hair that was longer than his brothers. Both men had a distasteful hatred for religion or beliefs in the Malkvair. No wonder I am in his hall.
“Is this her, Garth?” Jaribenn asked.
“Yes brother, she was the one praying to her God.” Garth sneered.
“I see. Well what is your name girl?” Jaribenn asked me.
I brushed the guards off my shoulders, and stood straight up to face Lord Jaribenn in the eyes, then I answered him kindly but not rude so he wouldn’t throw me back into his dungeons again.
“My name is Anya, and just so you know I live in this castle, my lord.” I replied with a bow.
“Lovely name, I am Lord Jaribenn and you’ve met my dear brother Garth already. Do you know why you’re here, Anya?” Jaribenn asked.
“Because you hate my God and you hate me praying in your castle?” I said.
Before Lord Jaribenn could answer my reply, a guard came into the hall and announced that a messenger from a far off land has arrived with a message for Lord Jaribenn.
“Sir, a messenger wishes to speak to you” the guard said.
“Not now I am busy with this girl.” Lord Jaribenn sneered.
“But sir, he says it’s urgent news from King Wesley of Boligore!” the guard exclaimed.
“Send him in!!” Lord Jaribenn shouted.
The guard sent in the messenger, and from my view it wasn’t any normal messenger that I’ve seen before; it was an elf messenger. From the looks of it, this elf didn’t look like a messenger at all, just someone holding a message for Lord Jaribenn.
“Lord Jaribenn, I am Nathaniel from the Forest of Peace. King Wesley wanted me to give this to you personally.” Nathaniel said with a bow.

“My lord I’m writing this to you in warning of a great evil between you and Condevia; Darkness’ army of goblins. Please take precautions dear friend.” ~King Wesley

Lord Jaribenn was frightened and worried of what might happen, so he asked Nathaniel.
“Saint Peter’s beard, how far is the war from here?” Jaribenn roared.
The elf didn’t answer. So I interrupted, “Why do you ask when or how far this evil is? For the evil is not of men, but it’s a spiritual one!” When I finished Nathaniel rose from his chair and walked swiftly over to me saying, “Young lady, who are you?” I couldn’t answer in time because I was forced to leave the court room; I went back to my room, and waited till this whole thing died down.
“Sire the Ancient Words tells us who can defeat this evil!” Nathaniel stated.
“No! She can’t be the one!” Jaribenn yelled.
“Yes sire but she is the only heir from Jacob” Nathaniel reassured Jaribenn.
“I don’t believe it! Be gone with you elf, I don’t need you anymore!” Jaribenn sent Nathaniel away.
The elf bowed, and left the court room silently; while as for Lord Jaribenn he was in a fit of rage from the terrible news. Somehow that stranger with the message had something to do with his rage and possibly this whole journey…

Quote is from Firefly. Mal Reynolds has a way to misbehave 😉


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