“Iron Fist isn’t just a fist, he’s a whole dude.”

image So last night was prom, or Homeschool Prom. My best friends and siblings went out to eat and then got pictures together as well. It was a great night, one I will probably remember. For once I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a new friend and danced with a some guys :3 I didn’t let past friends get to me, and simply enjoyed my evening with my best friends. Also meeting new people doesn’t hurt, you just have to make conversation no matter how awkward you are when out in public. Besides my lovely evening, I shall tell you how my past week was…

~Mom returned from FL


~Country Music

~Reading my manga


~Writing a new story for 4-H

~Double Camp Counselor meetings in one week -_-

~Playing Mass Effect 2 🙂

~Once Upon a Time marathon *SCREAMS*

~My cat Percy helping with laundry

~Texting my friends

Well I do believe that is it. Let’s just say this week was full of stuff for me. Next week will be extremely busy…yay! Not. You guys have a good rest of your weekend!!

Quote is from Ultimate Spider-Man. Apparently there was a statue in Manhattan that was a made of iron and was a fist. Spidey didn’t take to kindly to such a mix up. image


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