Romance and the Way we See It, Dead or Not.

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I have to confess something here; I like romance. Not the deep romance, just the fluffy, cute romance that a couple share together. I do believe they call people who like such romance a Hopeless Romantic. The title of that may sound a little stupid, but to be honest it’s true for those who are single and like romance. But is romance dead? Or is it the other way around? The question we ask ourselves about romance and whether it is real love or just wanting to get someone in bed with you. Romance isn’t about messing with a woman’s heart, gentlemen, it’s about treating them with respect and loving them for who they are. Same goes for the woman; messing with a man’s heart isn’t going to make them like you any less than they do. That’s just being rude and mean, not romantic or loving at all.

I don’t like seeing people in a relationship and not getting the respect and love that they deserve. Instead they just bounce around people until their completely happy with the romance they get from whoever they decide to stick with. Romance is dead. I don’t see it very often anymore, and if I do, it’s normally either in movies or TV or with my parents. Because for me, they show romance when they treat each other with respect and do things without asking…that’s is what I call true love not dead romance.


Romance needs to be respected, whether your courting or for some, dating. Because one day, you’ll go over board with the giving of flowers and or chocolate, and thus break your relationship in half. Love isn’t romance. Romance is respect for boundaries, beliefs and likings, not going on multiple dates just to see how great a person you are. Romance is being a respectful person and wanting to do things without asking or caring for yourself and what you want. Most of the time when you’re with are in a relationship with someone, its a choice to be romantic. Excuse me what? Romance shouldn’t be a choice, you should already be romantic with whoever your with. Choosing to be romantic is like choosing ice cream; there’s multiple flavors but there’s always a price.

Romance is dead, whether you like it or not. There is no respect for the relationship and it just rushes into sex in today’s day in age. I mean what the heck happened to the Regency era? Befriending someone first, then gradually getting to know them, and lastly ask their father if its allowable to pursue a relationship with he/she. That’s romance, not just saying, “Hey let’s get together for a movie…” No. Just no. If Christ didn’t say that was His will to make that romance or love happen, then back off. He’s in charge not you.

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Now that I’ve stepped off my soap box, I would like to direct your attention to one of my favorite blogs that I read occasionally. Raquel Z. Duarte, a young lady and fellow Christian, writes post about future relationships, her personal walk with Christ and shares her thoughts on Music every Monday. From her blog, I have learned valuable things about relationships and what is the most important thing in them.

She’s a amazing person, and posts are very uplifting. Her heart is strong with the Lord and she does her best, like any Christian, to glorify God everyday. Her blog is called: It’s Just Raquel. ( I highly recommend reading this, and getting some great encouragement from Raquel and also some great advice on life.

Have a great weekend guys.


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