I’m Still Alive, Don’t Worry, I Just Fell Down into the Well Again.

So, knowing how wacky and how geeky I am, I had decided to write a short story the spins off of X-Men. Now I know what your thinking, “But Sam, you can’t copyright off of Marvel.” Ah, but alas dearies, I didn’t. Here we have a whole different aspect of characters, places and plots; each are weird in their own way, like myself. You may like it, or you may not, the best way to find out is if you read the story for yourself and find out.

It is a little different than writing my fantasy book, because I work better with things like elves and dwarves, but I was able to take my liking of X-Men and make my own version of the comics and movies. Getting the reason why it’s called a ‘spin off’ version. This story took me a while to finish, and once it was edited, I had the courage to share it with my best friends and other fellow writers. So, please enjoy my work, and also give my pointers as to what needs to be changed or fixed…again in the story. I love when people give me critic work on my stories, it helps me be a better writer/author.

Heroes Never Die

^There’s the file for my story folks 🙂


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