{Cont.} Reasons Why I Won’t Court You

Continuing my lovely reasons of courting guys, hoping I can add more to the list I made last weekend. Let’s see and find out together!


26. Not a Book Nerd. Guys who read are very attractive, enough said.

27. Low IQ. Im not fond of non-smart people…its just a thing I have.

28. Violent Tendencies. Doing violent things out of nowhere is childish and lame. If you do this…I’ll shun you.

29. Dislikes Children. Look pal, I have a seven month old brother and if you dislike him, well then there’s the door *points to a doorway*

30. Cannot be Romantic. There are plenty of ways of being romantic, going to the movies and then dinner is not one of them. Up your game men.

31. Playing hard to get. I will smack you if you dare do this to me. Just come out with your feelings please!

32. Ogle over other women in front of me. I realize this one is hard but don’t do this in front of me please, its rather rude.

33. Saying that my fashion is horrific. Sorry, but black and other dark colors are my favorite thing to wear. Whether it be goth, hispter or grunge, I like it okay.

34. Talking through a movie. I’ll have duct tape on hand if you do this.

35. Thinking that my MMA skills are lame. Get in the ring with me then we’ll talk…

36. If you are a Liberal. No words for this one.


38. If you hate FoxNews. Bill O’Rielly, Hanniy, Kelly and The Five are my life…don’t hate it.

39. Thinks my liking for London is stupid. I love Britain, and if you have something against that, well don’t verbalize in a hateful way about it.

40. If you think I’m crazy. Haha, well dude your correct. I’m crazy for The Lord and my family and friends.

41. Thinks that girls can’t do anything. Son I will beat the muffin out of you if you dare say that!

42. Try to by pass my brothers. Josh and Nick aren’t stupid and they can see past your lies and foolishness.


Little Notes


Dear Teenage Boy at my Church,

I want to hug you and tell you’re worth something in this world, that you’re God’s child and He can hold you up. I want to be a friend without being awkward or freaky. Just someone who actually cares for you and not pushing you away for no reason. I want to share with you that I have depression and anxiety and how I can move through it each day. Ya know, I just want to be there… A person amongst the busy crowd, someone who knows how you are even if you don’t know me. A person who cares, a person who understands and a person who loves.

The Awkward Girl at Church

To the Godly Young Man at My Church,

Crap happens. But even through all the drama, the hurt and the heart ache, God can still pick us up from the deepest darkest parts of our lives and put us on the right track to Him. Please know I am praying for you and I will never stop praying for you. Note, that you’re like a brother to me and I care deeply for you and your well being. Seeing you hurt, makes me sad, that’s why I give out hugs. Just remember, God’s will is in everything, we just have to quit following our own will to see it.

Your Sister in Christ

Dear Police Officers,

The job you do may not seem important now, due to all the news reports lately. But realize this, without you, men and woman on the streets, people’s families would be in ruin and criminals would roam free. You maybe protecting the city, the small communities and the important people, but what’s more important to protect is: Family. So please, don’t forget how important your job is, because respect for you guys may not show in the greatest way, but it does show in a special way.

A Proud Citizen of the United States

To the Girls who wear Crop Tops,

Put a shirt on, no guy wants to see that much skin on your body. If you can’t wear anything else, put on a cami. I don’t care if its 90 degrees outside, you don’t wear Crop Tops and tight short shorts. Modesty is important if you want to get a guy…

From an Angered Teenage Girl

To the Guys,

Respect, Pray, and Faith. Three things that a man needs to understand when it comes to being with a woman. Respect her boundaries and her way of life. But if she walks down the wrong path, then its your job to pick her up with God’s help. Pray for her everyday, pray that she reaches closer towards God and glorifies Him in all she does. Finally faith, have faith in her that she and you can take the right steps into life with God by your sides. Without these things your relationships may end in ruin or they may not, but its best to trust in God’s will and press on.

Yours Truly,
A Single Young Woman

To all My Friends,

You guys, the group of diverse teens are what makes me smile and happy to have people who care. From the nerdy guys to the anime crazy girls, all of you complete me. Without the support from you guys, I’d probably be in a pile of depression and hurt, but that won’t happen! Through thick and thin, you guys stick out for me and for my brothers. Thank you guys for being the friends a girl and her brothers could ever ask for! Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Austria and the others I love you guys!!!

England, Russia and Japan

To the Church Family,

Finally I truly found a family amongst the church body who I can trust and love. Because without outspoken pastor’s and their wives I would’ve never gotten out of my shell at church. Now I can go up to my pastors and their wives just to ask them for guidance or just for a small chat. Thank you for helping me even without helping me, and just being there for me.


For the OSU Department,

Erin and Kevin, thank you two so much for giving me a great year in 4-H and in Youth Development. I may not of know you two for a long time, but with being a Counselor, I think I got know you two very well throughout the meetings and at Camp. The impact I had at camp may of been small, but the experience counted greatly no matter what. I wish I could do it again, and be with all my friends. Thanks again!

Sam Runge

“Did you say something weird?”


Avengers…oh wait, wrong thing. For Narnia! Nope wrong thing too. Jaffa Kree? Ya know what I’ll get it right sooner or later. Right now its the annual post telling you how me week was or what will be happening in the next few days. I hope you young men enjoyed the last post, because it gives you a wide spectrum as to what I or even other girls think isn’t very attractive. (I might think of other ones to mess with ya ^_^). Now, onward to Gondor!


>>>>> Rain
>>>>> Blue Bloods
>>>>> Finished a short story
>>>>> Enjoying music
>>>>> Talking to my best friends: Olivia, Elizabeth and Jordan.
>>>>> Summer is here…finally.
>>>>> Too many cats -_-
>>>>> Naruto ^_^
>>>>> Jurassic World is out!! Eekkk!
>>>>> Stargate SG-1. Jonas is so awesome…but Daniel is better.
>>>>> Father’s Day
>>>>> Alex’s birthday is tomorrow! She’s turning 22 :))
>>>>> Disney is making Princess Diaries 3!!!
>>>>> My baby brother is making new noises
>>>>>  Fair is next month
>>>>> Coffee
>>>>> Camp is over
>>>>> Need to get my license soon
>>>>> Saw Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast.
>>>>> Gonna hangout with my friends this Saturday
>>>>> Donlad Trump is running for Prez. Seriously think he reminds me of Biff from Back to the Future 2.

Quote is from SG-1. Jonas is new to the SGC and has a thing for weather and science stuff so he kinda says weird things.

25 Reasons Why I Won’t Court You


Raquel Duarte, one of my favorite bloggers, has made a few posts about dating and the many reasons as of why she won’t date certain men. Tonight, I wanted to take her idea of the list she made and fit it to my ideal guy I don’t wish to court. Thanks Raquel for the idea, and I hope you get a chance to read this post.


1. Not a Christian. If you’re not this gentlemen, then courting me will be a no.

2. Clingy. A need for my presence on a regular occasion, is super annoying. Also texting me every hour of the day isn’t really attractive either.

3. Rude. I don’t like rude people, especially ones who think their all that and a bag of chips. That goes along with being prideful too gents.

4. Bad taste in music. Look dubstep isn’t the only music out there to listen to, please realize there is better stuff out there.

5. You have to be somewhat geeky. Geeks always get along with other geeks no matter what, and sometimes geeky guys are the best πŸ™‚

6. Sense of fashion. Skinny jeans guys, please… Sweat pants, hoodies and vans are the best way to go. Unless you’re a hispter or goth then I’m not going to judge your style.

7. Thinks being around my family is annoying. If you even try to by pass my family, my father would instantly dislike you and so would I.

8. Pays attention to your phone and not me. I’ll have a hammer waiting to smash it if you ever bring it out during a outing.

9. Doesn’t like my writing. Well, then I can’t like you and we can’t be friends if this ever happens.

10. Finding sex disgusting. This is only for marriage, and finding it disgusting because of it, will make me mad.

11. Always wanting to start an argument. I have no words for this one.

12. Hates my cats. I’ll hate you, enough said.

13. Won’t be respectful of my personal boundaries. I build walls for a reason, it’s not your job to break them down.

14. Whining, Complaining and Moping. Three things I hate seeing in a guy who has the world to live for.

15. Talks about video games. As much as I like Mass Effect, I dislike guys talking video games in person…

16. Hates my three best friends. Let’s get one thing straight, if you hate my best friends, they’ll find where you live…

17. Find my fangirling and or other geeky things that I freak out about annoying. Well, then we can’t obviously court then…sorry.

18. Won’t listen to my problems. I have many problems and ignoring them will only cause the relationship to grow weaker and weaker.

19. Does not read their Bible. Goes along with being a Christian guys…

20. Can’t hold a conversation about Theology. This is very important to me gentlemen…

21. When you say how you need to loose weight over and over again. God created you just the way you are, stop putting yourself down because of your weight.

22. By passing my Dad. You try this, and they will never find your body…ever.

23. Doesn’t appreciate the farm life, fair or country music. Sorry, but that is my life twenty-four seven.

24. Thinks reading is very boring. You’re boring then!

and lastly

25. Not being there when I simply need you the most. Guys, this is also important to me, but what’s more important is your walk with Christ.


I hope you enjoyed that list of things. Just so you’re aware, there not really in order this is just an idea as to what my reasons are. I’ll probably think of more over the next few days and might just add it to this list, you never know. Please take in consideration, men, that this list is really important to me and I want you guys to know what makes a man very unattractive. Night guys, and have a great week.

Camp, it Brings Out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in People.


As some of you may of known, I went to 4-H camp for the first and last time. I was nicely asked/forced to go to camp by my friends, and I ended up loving it in the end. But in the midst of being at camp, getting to know my campers and making new friends, I saw somethings that I didn’t like in some of the counselors who were in charge of each cabin. Now, this isn’t a judging session, this is about what I saw whether it was right in my face or someone told me; in this case drama. Drama was everywhere at camp. Mainly in the girl’s section of the camp, but there was some drama going around the boy’s area too.

So, I decided that my job throughout camp was to cheer up depressed and angry counselors who were dealing with drama within their cabins. I may of not known the counselors really well, but I felt like it was my duty to make sure the counselors were having a good time, even though they were dealing with crap. I probably set a good example asking every counselor in my section or in the boy’s section of camp, and that’s good, because I wanted that. Being a example to others younger than me is really important to me, and I did my best to be like that for my campers and for other campers. Also the counselors who I cheered up, I hope I was a good example towards you and to the other counselors in the other cabins.

Thank you guys for the memories, and being friendly towards me even if you were dealing with hardship during camp. I love you all, and I hope to hang out with you at fair for my last year in 4-H.


WARNING: Everything that I am about to say, is in my opinion and beliefs. If you disagree with me, fine. Just this is a warning.


Due to some recent up roar about Jenner changing genders, I have decided, after thinking over the subject and other things that go along with that, to put out my opinion on the matter. This is mainly directed to my Christian brothers and sisters, but for those who have no belief system, they might just get something out of this.

You all know that recently, Bruce Jenner, famous Olympian, had his gender changed from being a man, to now a woman called ‘Caitlyn’. Now, Mr. Jenner (I am referring to his real self) was a supposed great man, and amazing athlete for the men’s section of the Olympics. Then out of nowhere, he decided that being a woman would better suite his life then being the person God created him to be. Thus brings me to my point.

“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deut 22:5 (ESV)

Jenner sinned. He changed his appearance to look like a woman and dress like one too. That’s not biblical to change who God created you to be, just because you decided that you hate your life and hate being a man. God created us unique in our own way, and changing that just destroys the uniqueness that you had. That verse from Deuteronomy, tells us that women shouldn’t be and wear men’s clothing, while as for men, they shouldn’t be or dress like woman. Plain and simple. But unfortunately, the folks on the left don’t see it plain and simple, they choose to defend those people. Why? Who knows it’s rather stupid if you ask me. I justΒ  don’t agree with people changing genders, it’s creepy and rather unhealthy for your natural bodies to carry. Too much plastic could kill you, enough said.

Am I going to respect Jenner’s decision? Eh, no. Because I’m not going to be like the rest of the human beings on this planet, who cave into something like that…just no, it’s not going to happen. Besides I don’t even know this person, so why should I even care?

On another note. The Homosexual agenda has become more accepted lately, and more people are becoming gay, bi and trans. On top of that, the Christian community who don’t make their cakes, are being scrutinized for not accepting them. Wait what? Um, there’s a really good reason as to why were not, it’s because it’s against God’s word. Duh! I’m sorry LGBT, but if someone doesn’t belly up because their Christian and they refuse to make cakes for gay couples, don’t go sue them, just love them and leave their families alone. We as Christians are suppose to love the sinner, but hate the sin, shouldn’t you guys do the same as well? It maybe hard, but suing Christians because they refuse to bake cakes, hold wedding ceremonies or ban the legal rights to be gay in a state, isn’t love. The left just hate Christian values altogether, as you saw that with the Dugger family in the past few days.

“If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even the sinners love those who love them.” Luke 6:32

So yeah, their gay, but we can still preach the gospel to them the best we can. Will we get shot down? Yes, but being bold for Christ is a good thing, heck it’s a great thing! Showing God’s love to those who are lost, especially those in that sect is good, because normally people who are gay end up killing themselves. But despite our downfalls, we can still love one another the way Christ loves His church, and we can still be examples to those who don’t have someone to look up to.

“For all have sinned and fall short for the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23-24

In the end we as Christians will be criticized, sued and hated for not accepting Jenner, gays and what not, but we can still love and be bold. Taking crap from the government because were Christians is stupid and I am not going to take it anymore. We are to press on in Christ’s name and glorify Him in everything we say or do. Like my grandma use to sing to me when I was little, “Be bold, be strong for the Lord are God is with you.” It’s with those few words that I don’t step down from my faith, no matter what happens in this generation.

Quote is from SG-1. Teal’c’s famous words every episode.

“Oh for crying out loud!”


The blog has been rather empty since my last post.

Yes, I have abandoned it once again, sorry guys.

But when life takes you places, your best bet is to go with the flow. Seeing that this is the right time to inform all of you of my fabulous week, and how I am doing, I’m going to do my best to insure you all know I am still breathing.


~Camp Graham is next week!!! Really excited!
~The family and I are watching Blue Bloods (really good show btw)
~Summer is sorta here in Ohio… It’s off and on.
~Fair is just around the corner! My last year…
~Finished Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.
~Started Sea of Monsters
~Still watching SG-1
~The internet connection here is better than ever!
~Music, and lots of it.
~Trying to interact with a teenage boy at my church. (I’m too awkward for him.)
~My anxiety and depression are getting better.
~Our Wii is finally connected to Netflix!
~Cosplaying as Black Widow next week!
~We have six brand new baby kittens living in the house. Their all black and white.
~Hung out with my best friends yesterday during a CC Mtg.
~Made a duct tape rose!!
~Wearing black in the summer time πŸ™‚
~Last Sunday’s sermon was spectacular! Thanks Wade πŸ™‚
~Having a difficult time sleeping lately….
~Pinterest is still my addiction; well sorta.
~Captain America: Civil War set photos *fangirls*
~Meeting new people… Bleh.
~Country music and country living πŸ™‚

So that’s been my week, how’s your guys week doing? I hope God has blessed you and or your family this week! Have a good weekend!

Quote is from SG-1. Jack O’Niell’s famous words a in almost ever episode.