25 Reasons Why I Won’t Court You


Raquel Duarte, one of my favorite bloggers, has made a few posts about dating and the many reasons as of why she won’t date certain men. Tonight, I wanted to take her idea of the list she made and fit it to my ideal guy I don’t wish to court. Thanks Raquel for the idea, and I hope you get a chance to read this post.


1. Not a Christian. If you’re not this gentlemen, then courting me will be a no.

2. Clingy. A need for my presence on a regular occasion, is super annoying. Also texting me every hour of the day isn’t really attractive either.

3. Rude. I don’t like rude people, especially ones who think their all that and a bag of chips. That goes along with being prideful too gents.

4. Bad taste in music. Look dubstep isn’t the only music out there to listen to, please realize there is better stuff out there.

5. You have to be somewhat geeky. Geeks always get along with other geeks no matter what, and sometimes geeky guys are the best 🙂

6. Sense of fashion. Skinny jeans guys, please… Sweat pants, hoodies and vans are the best way to go. Unless you’re a hispter or goth then I’m not going to judge your style.

7. Thinks being around my family is annoying. If you even try to by pass my family, my father would instantly dislike you and so would I.

8. Pays attention to your phone and not me. I’ll have a hammer waiting to smash it if you ever bring it out during a outing.

9. Doesn’t like my writing. Well, then I can’t like you and we can’t be friends if this ever happens.

10. Finding sex disgusting. This is only for marriage, and finding it disgusting because of it, will make me mad.

11. Always wanting to start an argument. I have no words for this one.

12. Hates my cats. I’ll hate you, enough said.

13. Won’t be respectful of my personal boundaries. I build walls for a reason, it’s not your job to break them down.

14. Whining, Complaining and Moping. Three things I hate seeing in a guy who has the world to live for.

15. Talks about video games. As much as I like Mass Effect, I dislike guys talking video games in person…

16. Hates my three best friends. Let’s get one thing straight, if you hate my best friends, they’ll find where you live…

17. Find my fangirling and or other geeky things that I freak out about annoying. Well, then we can’t obviously court then…sorry.

18. Won’t listen to my problems. I have many problems and ignoring them will only cause the relationship to grow weaker and weaker.

19. Does not read their Bible. Goes along with being a Christian guys…

20. Can’t hold a conversation about Theology. This is very important to me gentlemen…

21. When you say how you need to loose weight over and over again. God created you just the way you are, stop putting yourself down because of your weight.

22. By passing my Dad. You try this, and they will never find your body…ever.

23. Doesn’t appreciate the farm life, fair or country music. Sorry, but that is my life twenty-four seven.

24. Thinks reading is very boring. You’re boring then!

and lastly

25. Not being there when I simply need you the most. Guys, this is also important to me, but what’s more important is your walk with Christ.


I hope you enjoyed that list of things. Just so you’re aware, there not really in order this is just an idea as to what my reasons are. I’ll probably think of more over the next few days and might just add it to this list, you never know. Please take in consideration, men, that this list is really important to me and I want you guys to know what makes a man very unattractive. Night guys, and have a great week.


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