Little Notes


Dear Teenage Boy at my Church,

I want to hug you and tell you’re worth something in this world, that you’re God’s child and He can hold you up. I want to be a friend without being awkward or freaky. Just someone who actually cares for you and not pushing you away for no reason. I want to share with you that I have depression and anxiety and how I can move through it each day. Ya know, I just want to be there… A person amongst the busy crowd, someone who knows how you are even if you don’t know me. A person who cares, a person who understands and a person who loves.

The Awkward Girl at Church

To the Godly Young Man at My Church,

Crap happens. But even through all the drama, the hurt and the heart ache, God can still pick us up from the deepest darkest parts of our lives and put us on the right track to Him. Please know I am praying for you and I will never stop praying for you. Note, that you’re like a brother to me and I care deeply for you and your well being. Seeing you hurt, makes me sad, that’s why I give out hugs. Just remember, God’s will is in everything, we just have to quit following our own will to see it.

Your Sister in Christ

Dear Police Officers,

The job you do may not seem important now, due to all the news reports lately. But realize this, without you, men and woman on the streets, people’s families would be in ruin and criminals would roam free. You maybe protecting the city, the small communities and the important people, but what’s more important to protect is: Family. So please, don’t forget how important your job is, because respect for you guys may not show in the greatest way, but it does show in a special way.

A Proud Citizen of the United States

To the Girls who wear Crop Tops,

Put a shirt on, no guy wants to see that much skin on your body. If you can’t wear anything else, put on a cami. I don’t care if its 90 degrees outside, you don’t wear Crop Tops and tight short shorts. Modesty is important if you want to get a guy…

From an Angered Teenage Girl

To the Guys,

Respect, Pray, and Faith. Three things that a man needs to understand when it comes to being with a woman. Respect her boundaries and her way of life. But if she walks down the wrong path, then its your job to pick her up with God’s help. Pray for her everyday, pray that she reaches closer towards God and glorifies Him in all she does. Finally faith, have faith in her that she and you can take the right steps into life with God by your sides. Without these things your relationships may end in ruin or they may not, but its best to trust in God’s will and press on.

Yours Truly,
A Single Young Woman

To all My Friends,

You guys, the group of diverse teens are what makes me smile and happy to have people who care. From the nerdy guys to the anime crazy girls, all of you complete me. Without the support from you guys, I’d probably be in a pile of depression and hurt, but that won’t happen! Through thick and thin, you guys stick out for me and for my brothers. Thank you guys for being the friends a girl and her brothers could ever ask for! Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Austria and the others I love you guys!!!

England, Russia and Japan

To the Church Family,

Finally I truly found a family amongst the church body who I can trust and love. Because without outspoken pastor’s and their wives I would’ve never gotten out of my shell at church. Now I can go up to my pastors and their wives just to ask them for guidance or just for a small chat. Thank you for helping me even without helping me, and just being there for me.


For the OSU Department,

Erin and Kevin, thank you two so much for giving me a great year in 4-H and in Youth Development. I may not of know you two for a long time, but with being a Counselor, I think I got know you two very well throughout the meetings and at Camp. The impact I had at camp may of been small, but the experience counted greatly no matter what. I wish I could do it again, and be with all my friends. Thanks again!

Sam Runge


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