{Cont.} Reasons Why I Won’t Court You

Continuing my lovely reasons of courting guys, hoping I can add more to the list I made last weekend. Let’s see and find out together!


26. Not a Book Nerd. Guys who read are very attractive, enough said.

27. Low IQ. Im not fond of non-smart people…its just a thing I have.

28. Violent Tendencies. Doing violent things out of nowhere is childish and lame. If you do this…I’ll shun you.

29. Dislikes Children. Look pal, I have a seven month old brother and if you dislike him, well then there’s the door *points to a doorway*

30. Cannot be Romantic. There are plenty of ways of being romantic, going to the movies and then dinner is not one of them. Up your game men.

31. Playing hard to get. I will smack you if you dare do this to me. Just come out with your feelings please!

32. Ogle over other women in front of me. I realize this one is hard but don’t do this in front of me please, its rather rude.

33. Saying that my fashion is horrific. Sorry, but black and other dark colors are my favorite thing to wear. Whether it be goth, hispter or grunge, I like it okay.

34. Talking through a movie. I’ll have duct tape on hand if you do this.

35. Thinking that my MMA skills are lame. Get in the ring with me then we’ll talk…

36. If you are a Liberal. No words for this one.


38. If you hate FoxNews. Bill O’Rielly, Hanniy, Kelly and The Five are my life…don’t hate it.

39. Thinks my liking for London is stupid. I love Britain, and if you have something against that, well don’t verbalize in a hateful way about it.

40. If you think I’m crazy. Haha, well dude your correct. I’m crazy for The Lord and my family and friends.

41. Thinks that girls can’t do anything. Son I will beat the muffin out of you if you dare say that!

42. Try to by pass my brothers. Josh and Nick aren’t stupid and they can see past your lies and foolishness.


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