“Do you know what you’re doing?” “Of course. I’ve punched Hitler, 500 times.”


As we step into the beginning of July, and say farewell to June. We can say that summer is almost behind us, and Fall is creeping around the corner. But as of today, we are here to celebrate our independence from Britain and enjoy our time together with family and friends. Despite the horrible things going on in this country, we as Americans can still celebrate our greatest victory and enjoy the home of the free, and land of the brave. That may sound cliche, but being part of America isn’t something we should feel ashamed about, and burning flags or wearing them as capes isn’t gonna make you like America any less than shooting someone because you hate them. Our freedom is important, and treating it with integrity should be our top priority, no matter the cost.

Yes the government legalized same-sex marriage, but just that because one thing happened, doesn’t mean our hope for humanity is gone. Cause, while those things happen, we have Christ to back us up and keep us from wanting to blow up and telling us that our home; America, still has a chance at being the home of the free. God is our leader and we should put our trust in Him when the U.S falls apart, and we should pray for our leaders to find you as well.

So, in the midst of all the insanity and stupidity in this world, we can still sit back and call America home and celebrate our freedom. In God We Trust, in Him We must Succeed. The President may suck, but God has better plans and its up to us to keep our hopes high and our prayers higher for this country.


Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans! God Bless you and your family! Also, Happy Birthday to Captain America aka Steve Rogers! He maybe fictional, but he stands for this country like anyone else would, and for our troops and officers: Thank you for your service!!! Keep fighting and keep protecting 🙂

Quote is from Captain America: The First Avenger.


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